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31 Comments on “PBA Hall Of Fame Classic | Darren Shoots Two 300’s!!!”

  1. Nice bowling D-Tang! Don’t change a thing with the hair since you get there with it being as it is 🙂

  2. Never get tired of seeing Norm. He seems like a genuinely great guy from afar, and never comes off arrogant, and from your vlogs it seems that’s truly the case.

    I love this channel, I got back in to bowling this last year after I found your channel, and have been having a ton of fun even though I’m not that good.

    Thanks for what you do

    1. Bryant Hafemeyer Norm is a sweetheart! I had a coaching with him once and he is a really funny guy. Very encouraging. When I was finished he was coaching on the lane next to me and the guy did something ,I didnt see it, but his hand was all bloody. So, Norm is wiping up the blood off the lane and turns with his hands full of bloody towels and quips, ” so, anyone else want a lesson?” Lol!

  3. Brad, Kyle, you guys are doing such an amazing thing for the sport that bowling desperately needed. You guys are creating personalities that viewers want to win. I never had much of a bias towards darren tang before this, but i want him to win so bad, and you guys have helped that. Continue the hard work guys, your killing it

  4. Enjoy watching Norm Duke, style is effort-less. Sad that people deliberately started wildfire, in Australia, to try to say is was global warming. Sad.

  5. You guys are great love the vlog. That flag next to Australia is going through a natural disaster as well. Taal Volcano erupted last week in the Philippines.

  6. On the 4th i got a 223 on my first game with my new bowling ball i got for christmas. My bowling ball is 11 lbs

  7. Ok so I have a question. You drill all those balls every week so what do you do with thin at the end of the week?

  8. Great Vlog Brad and Kyle! Brad great info on the different types of lanes… Darren #1 seed… Good luck on the Finals… #SupportBelmo #SupportAustrailia

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