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  1. Great content as always. Looking forward to the rest of the summer swing, and…..best of luck this weekend. Also, nice camera. 🙂

  2. With golf, you don’t see much of a drop off from the elite players to the lowest ranked ones. All could show up at a local course and break par easily. But with bowling, you really see the difference between the few great rollers and the rest who are really good league bowlers at best. Go Prather!

    1. I think it’s because there are alot more variable in bowling… Obviously golf is different courses, but a dog leg it a dog leg, if you’ve hit one you’ve hit most, the slightest little difference in lane topography, humidity, the amount or type of oil, and slight chnages in any of those things can completely chnage the shot… That’s why there’s such a difference between the pros and us house bowlers imo lol

    2. @Garth Rapp – You make some decent points, for which I yield. Don’t cut golf variables too short, though. Humidity, wind, elevation, temperature in general, different types of grass and the topography relative to your stance and the ball, are all variables that make each shot unique. Much like bowling.

  3. I bowl my very first tournament today on the chameleon pattern. My arsenal is Storm IQ Emerald (4000 grit polish) Storm Pitch Black (box finish) Motiv Forge (2000 grit) and my spare ball is a Brunswick Tzone Deep Space (box finish). Any tips you can give me?

  4. Ripped the the middle of the nail on my middle finger halfway through game 2 of qualifying. Every shot thrown after was absolute agony. I tried taping up and powering through, only to go 300 under for the block. Had a blast at this tour stop though, and I look forward to making another sometime in the future

  5. I will go ahead and say it, I apologize for the pin carry and such in hijinx. Good luck and hopefully you don’t encounter the hijinx ten pin.

  6. Brad interviewing fans: So who’s your favorite bowler (wink, wink)
    Fan: Prather
    Fan: Troup
    Fan: Packi
    Lots of fun watching. Glad you guys are back at it. 👍 Best of luck in Jonesboro

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