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  1. ‘Bread’ f***ing Miller, as always, the most hard-working pro bowler in the world. This will pay off sooner or later so keep it up, dude

    1. Absolutely! Brad you’ve given this channel a different dimension by doing the Q&A with the fans. Keep it up!

  2. Brad, you do not suck. The lane conditions looked kinda brutal and lots of pros were struggling. Honestly, you’re the one I’m most interested in watching. Btw, I am attempting to make a few changes to my game, including going from a 4 step to 5 step approach, and already seeing a difference. Ball is getting to the pocket more consistently and hooking a little more. Still need to work on that doggone release though, lol. Also, best of luck to you in Coldwater this upcoming weekend. 🙂

  3. Great Job on these vlogs really fun to see what your experiencing out there, it is challenging , good luck on your season and keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Brad, i just recently fixed this problem on myself. Even though i’m a junior bowler, maybe it could help you too. How i fixed this problem was slowing down my feet which caused my tempo to slow down just enough to allow my hand and arm to get where it needs to be in its swing. I even had the pop up problem and the hand flipping over the ball the same way you did, it just caused so much forward roll on the ball and never allowed me to “hook the lane” if i needed to. Just focus on slowing down your tempo a small bit to let your body get back into its previous motion and then your swing and your release with your popping up could go back to how it previously was.

  5. Great analysis of your body position and release… I’m always yelling at the screen for you to stop popping up… it’s because I have the same issue sometimes… just from watching someone over and over you can tell when they’ve thrown a great shot and when they haven’t… with Brad it’s usually when he stays low and posts that finish… it shows that your arm swing is loose, your release is smooth and perfectly timed, and that you have great balance at the line… knowing how to repeat that over and over again is the mystery… 🤔

  6. The thing with channels from the bowlers, is that we get to know a majority of the bowlers, not just the limited few that make the shows. We see all the work that goes into this by you all, and we get to experience and share the same excitement when one of you guys make the shows or wins a title. Even makes the cuts and placement more real than just a list of the top 25.

  7. When urethane is used on the lanes, it flares on the same spot (most times) and it causes the oil to carry into the tracking area (backend). So the heads dry up because of surface, causing your ball to use up energy too quickly and creating that lazy reaction in the back or what we feel may be tight down lane. Mild hybrid balls that can get though the front clean and have a strong but contolled back end can combat against it. Hope that helps! #boringexplanation

  8. I’ve been practicing keeping my elbow in and wow what a difference in my release. I had planned on coming over to Coldwater to watch but one of my good friends passed away from cancer and her funeral is Saturday, strike well and often this weekend Brad.

  9. Brad that analysis on body forward and not being able to get under the ball….thank you! The light bulb just went off with what I’ve struggled with for some time. Keep plugging and just do you – thanks

    1. What about it specifically made it hard, do you guys know? Is it the type of wood/synthetic of the lanes? The condition of the lane surface? Type/manufacturer of oil and/or cleaner used? Dead pins, or dodgy pin-setters? I assume y’all have seen that pattern before, did it have more volume than usual? Very curious cause I’m hearing this unanimously from people there.

  10. This vlog had it all…pros going through their shots, fan interactions, cameos and that great analysis of your game at the end of the video. Making videos like this takes a lot of work and I appreciate it very much, especially when I think about how the responsibility to create vlogs may distract from the primary objective of doing well in the tournament. Much success to you in the future!

  11. For the most part, an earlier release and more vertical lift will create more skid down the lane before the ball starts to read. Most people in the “modern” game will loft the ball to get more length and theres still people like Norm who do it the more old fashion way, which is to keep the body for upright, bend the knees more to get lower to the ground, and then lay the ball down right after the foul line. Landing the ball as smooth as possible will always create more skid and get better ball motion. Just make sure you dont miss on the lift, because your shoulder position would be more in line with your hip position rather than your left knee position, so you should clear the ball much quicker and then need to also quicken up the timing of your lift. The shove will always create an inconsistency in reaction in the mid lane and thus making a pretty terrible transition down lane. Itll either just overhook or underhook on slight breakdown or urethane push. Just a ball driller and bowling coach giving my two cents. Id love to discuss.

  12. Love this vlog. Especially the parking lot instructions. You show your area for needed improvement fresh off the lane and what you need to correct. Would like to see more of the same from you and the house.
    How’s Kyle doing?

  13. Brad doesn’t consider himself a pro? Whaaaa?
    1. Has valid and active PBA card
    2. Has been on tv
    3. Has done quite well overall in tournaments
    4. Has won awards by PBA
    5. Can successfully coach/mentor bowlers of all experience levels to improve their game
    6. Knows Kyle Sherman 😂

    All of that equals pro in my eyes

  14. Great attitude, and I REALLY appreciate your technical deep-dive on getting too far forward. This helped me immensely because I do the EXACT same thing. I can’t tell you how cool it is to watch this kind of video from the best bowlers in the world, keep it up, and best of luck at Jonesboro!

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