22 Comments on “PBA Legend Gives Kyle a Pep Talk! | PBA Kokomo Open”

  1. Pleasure meeting and bowling with you guys yesterday! Thanks for keeping one of my few strikes in the video ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I’m loving the twist I bought I yesterday I averaged 149 that’s bowling straight I don’t know how to hook a ball but my highest Game was 182

  3. The Pro-Am videos are some of my favorite. They always have more fun and excitement with the fans being heavily involved.

  4. Wes Malott, my favorite bowler when I was in my teens and during all my high school years. Never been more devastated than being my home center when the PBA came. And watched Wes Malott flat 10 to loose to Michael Haugen in the 10th. However I asled for an autograph 5 minutes after and he was so nice.

    1. Wes is one of my favorites as well. Probably because he gives off the “lovable big bear” vibe and he makes bowling look so easy. And I can identify with him being a bigger guy myself.

  5. This video confirms what I already knewโ€ฆThe Big Nasty is the man. Whether he likes the nickname or not heโ€™s The Big Nasty. One of my favorite people to watch bowl

  6. Really loving the quality of your videos lately! Also your new editor seems like an awesome guy to be around. Keep up the great work and best of luck bowling this week!

  7. Good luck to you guys. Entertaining vid as always. Between the two of you, I’d say Brad is due for a PBA tour title anytime now. You guys have my love and support. Keep up the great vlogs. <3 <3

  8. Iโ€™m a huge advocate of stretching my man and what youโ€™re doin is GREAT! Definitely helps the bowling. Keep it loosey goosey baby!

  9. That was a nice trick shot brother. Also love how you take time to appreciate your fans if your ever out in Seattle head to Kenmore Lanes and let me know and I’d love to play with you.

  10. Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that brad almost made the 7-10 and not only that, but make it WITHOUT BOUNCING A PIN OUT OF THE PITS. He almost slid the 10 over. That wouldโ€™ve been impressive

  11. I just started bowling again after 21 years. After the 3rd week out my hip flexor was screaming so bad I had to take last week off. It gets a little tougher when you start back at 57.

  12. Way to give my community some love, guys. Appreciate how nicely you two treat everyone, from all walks of life.
    Welcome to Kokomo.

  13. Saw the PBA truck in Jackson, MI before our tournament this weekend at the Scotty Classic. Hopeful I can catch you guys next time youre in Indianapolis and watch a show! Also watched Wes go for 900 at Pro Bowl in Fort Wayne and was theres a reason he is the big nasty!

  14. What I see is a couple young guys causing a stir with a lot of youth bowlers – that’s an awesome contribution to the future of this sport! Keep it up fellas.

  15. Nice, these Pro-Ams are great, our boys, Brad and Kyle et al, feeling the LOVE ! Inspiring the next gen of bowlers ! Bowling needs them too !

  16. Just watching you guys has made me a better bowler. Rolled my 4th perfect game last night for a 760 set. Two 800s and four 300s in the last 3 or 4 years and I owe a lot of it from just by watching you guys!

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