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28 Comments on “PBA Legend’s Last Ball Ever! | PBA Tournament Of Champions”

  1. Have to admit I enjoy geth g vids more regularly but that’s only bc Brad has the time…. so I dont mind going back to 1 or 2 vids a tourney bc that means you guys are both killin it!!!!. Keep grinding boys !!! Congratulations on the success and more to come!!! Let’s go kyle time for a big day today make that show dude!!!👊👊👊👊

  2. Keep it up Kyle! Love the respect you guys payed to the Salvino by featuring his last frame in the Blog. Shows class!

  3. Love you guys. I’m 57 and wanted to be on tour back in the 80’s. I get to live my dreams through you guys. I love the window into the PBA life you guys have created. What a blessing. You guys got the personality plus to do these blogs.

  4. I’m so glad I watched this video… Much respect to Carmen Salvino for his lifetime contribution and continued support of bowling. Great video guys!!

  5. The living legend. Thank You Mr Salvino. You have paved the way for every bowler who ever stood on the approach.

  6. I used to watch him when I first started bowling 60 years ago. He is one of the reasons I love bowl so much. When he started to talk I had tears in my eyes. God bless you Carmen.

    1. Shannon Felini I know but I think that’s stupid way to get more views. Your Brad and Kyle people are going to watch regardless.

  7. love norm and wes being first to hug carmen salvino… also nick, the people absolutely do want to see your shirt off

  8. Carmen Salvino was a real showman and a great bowler. We will miss seeing him in competition, but we’re glad he’s still alive and can enjoy his success thru the years. Well deserved, Mr. Salvino!

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