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  1. Is this a new series? Would love to see this again, flat patterns, medium patterns more short patterns all would be interesting to me

    1. They have done this before. It is just getting more detailed now. They have ran clinics so they trying to show through ball reaction and lane play more thoroughly. Compare their old videos and see. This is way more educational. Good for them, and I’m glad they are doing this.

  2. One of the best pure informational bowling videos out there. So many league bowlers can’t grasp how much more difficult bowling on PBA patterns are compared to a house shot. Seeing two Tour pros struggle early, despite knowing the pattern beforehand, really drives that point home. And seeing the adjustments being made, plus the effect of the coverstock materials on the lanes, was icing on the cake. If this was a series, I’d watch every single part of it.

  3. This is such a good idea for a series! Giving a foundation on how to think each oil pattern, at least for me, gives me a lot of confidence going into tournaments. Great video!

  4. I was just bowling on pba patterns and never struggled so much trying to figure what to throw …. wish I would have seen this first…. thank you guys… good team teaching

  5. Huge fan of this video. I have never bowled on PBA patterns before so this was super informative. I would like to see different patterns for sure

  6. One of my favorite videos you guys have released… and thats saying alot considering how much I love your channel. Great Job guys.

  7. I have increased my average by almost 30 pins by watching your videos in the last two years. And I’m over 60 years old. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Great video. One of the main reasons I subscribed to the channel is the inside info you guys give us while on tour. Off season, you could do technical series videos like this and people would watch them over and over to gain insights on how they can apply your knowledge to their game. Most of us are not pros, but we crave a pro’s advice. Thanks for the hard work gentlemen, we appreciate it!

  9. Love this. I don’t bowl sport much but when I do it’s either 47′ Scorpion or a 43′ 1.75:1 sport shot. Additionally, our house shot is higher friction and on the shorter side so when I go to tournaments at other houses I struggle with the additional oil so this helps me to understand the logic better

  10. Great info for the short! Just so happens my boy has that pattern tomorrow at Jr Gold. This info was GOLD (pun intended) for attacking the short with urethane and then transitioning to a stong solid after a bit of carry down. Hope he does well with it.
    Sorry we just missed y’all at the Storm tent at the trade show Saturday (like we just walked out and ya’ll just ran in and the staff wouldn’t let us back for y’all). Hey, disappointment is part of life and will only make him stronger, but i understand that there has to be a cutoff somewhere. It’s ok. Regardless, when kids are lined up out the door to see you, it means you’re doing something right. πŸ™‚

  11. Awesome video, might be my favorite of all your videos. Bowling Wolf in a few weeks so it was good to see how a big asym and urethane effect each other. I’ve experienced what I’m seeing here, but didn’t really understand what was going on, so this helped a lot. Much thanks, please do more pattern videos.

  12. This is your summer off season content right here. This is perfect. You covered where to start playing on the fresh, what balls to use, and what kind of surface. Then you covered the next moves when you get some transition. Answered pretty much anything I could have thought to ask. Just keep doing this and run thru a bunch of patterns.

  13. This vid was great. Some friends and I i’ve started bowling a mini eliminator every week on different sport patterns. I would love to see you guys do more videos. on different patterns. I am definitely a student of the sport. I am trying to get better at this craft./ sport. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  14. Really like the info in this video. As someone newer to bowling it’s helpful to hear more about the balls and see how they actually react when in use. Something like this will definitely help in the fall during my sport shot league and giving me a better idea of what balls to bring or add to my arsenal. Keep up the awesome content!

  15. Haven’t bowled much this summer but I bowled a 195 a couple days ago, this information about lanes and balls is very useful. Thank you!

  16. seems like everyone is saying same thing in comments, but this type of content is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ please do more throughout the summer on different patterns how you guys both discussed and broke down the lane

  17. I can’t praise you guys enough for the amount of detail you go into while also making it palatable for a broad audience. I feel like I take something away from each video. Thank you!

  18. Great video! I love the lane breakdown and the strategy as it transitions. Hearing what balls you chose and why was really nice as well. Thanks guys!

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