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34 Comments on “PBA US Open Day 2 | Brad and Kyle Both in the Cut!”

  1. Brad & Kyle, thanks for sharing your journey at the U.S. Open, it is very interesting to watch and the fact that there is more $ in the bowling balls in the paddock than the prize fund is interesting and you didn’t count all of the other equipment, like bags, shoes & accessories. Can’t wait to see Day 3’s video. Ken

  2. Hey Brad, you mentioned that you continuously drill new balls on tour. I always wondered what happens to the old balls then?

    1. They’re either given to fans, left in the paddock/given to the bowling center, or taken with them to the next stop

    2. @Alex George Makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

      So Brad… if you read this I’ll be eternally grateful for one of your hand me downs. <3

      It's fun to dream! XD

  3. Prather saying to Try Less sounds like my advice to myself and others when we’re struggling and don’t know why. It’s extremely helpful

    1. Give them away, leave them at the bowling center, or throw them in the river next to Center😂

  4. Kris Prather-“doing less”. Sounds like what we used to call back in the 60’s-70’s throwing “my go to Hell ball”.

  5. Another great video. Love Prathers advice. I’ve been struggling a little with muscling the ball, and out of timing. Less is more.

  6. HMMM More money in equipment than in the prize fund. Another reason reactive equipment has ruined the sport. Give me back the 1980s any day.

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