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26 Comments on “PBA US Open Day 5 | Prather Shoots 300!!”

  1. 4th — 🙁 I can never win… Prather calling his 300 game in the US Open was the greatest moment of this channel! The Babe Ruth of Bowling…..

    1. Congrats to prather on that 300. That was really awesome how he called it and then executed it. Really impressive, you guys keep up the good work. It’s nice to have fun and win. No one likes to lose. Great content on YouTube, alot better than cable television….

  2. Ok…ok….Prather RULES! That was hilarious 😂 Tommy Jones is the beast, and Rash is even human…. what a great ending.

  3. Every time I get to see Kris Prather I’m leaning more and more to him becoming my favourite bowler. Such enthusiasm and regardless of how things are going he just seems to be able to put a spin on things. The Shark could be one day be the GOAT.

    1. The great thing about B&T is that they show the personalities of the bowlers. Before them, I would have never known. They were like robots to me. Now you see then and really identify with them.

      Kris is the man!

  4. “I just got my lane assignment and it’s the same pair I just bowled on. I got a pretty good look on it, I think I’m gonna bowl 300.” Everybody laughs hysterically… 300 game. Prather you are one bad man. Congrats to the finalists! Gonna be a sick telecast!

  5. Had a dissatising night of bowling came home to this video, damn som! This might be my favourite thing ever!!

  6. Kris Prather just became one of my favorite bowlers with that game. I was really impressed to see the 300 on Twitter, but the backstory is probably the greatest thing the blog has ever recorded! That was awesome!

  7. When in doubt, loft it out. It’s easier when you only have to play 60% of the pattern….works great on shorter patterns

  8. Bowling Has Always Been My Favorite Sport I’ve Been Bowling Since I Was About 6 Or 7 Years Old And I’m 38 Years Old Miss It

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