PBA vs. PWBA: Why Does Ball Speed Matter?

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5 Comments on “PBA vs. PWBA: Why Does Ball Speed Matter?”

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  2. A couple of questions here. If a faster ball speed equates to higher carry percentage, then that doesn’t match what happened at the ToC, when Kelly Kulick defeated Chris Barnes. Her slower ball speed read the lane pattern and produced more carry percentage than Barnes’ faster ball speed. It showed when she threw the same shot and carried, while Barnes left a 10 pin or a stone 8. So is that just an outlier?

    Additionally, for a lower ball speed, especially with using a pendulum swing, wouldn’t lowering where the ball starts produce a slower pendulum swing, resulting in slower ball speed?

    1. You’re combining variables. Ball speed by itself creates more carry just due to the extra pin action on off hits.
      On speed control: no, higher ball height at the start doesn’t create more speed. With the feet moving quicker the longer swing would ruin the timing. Ideally the swing speed of a bowler wouldn’t change so to have the swing fit into a smaller window the swing distance must also be smaller.
      Gravity’s pull is consistent so a 15 lbs ball on average would take 19’ to reach maximum terminal velocity. The 6” difference in ball height would equate to less than .04mph based on a swing speed of 19mph. Any additional speed would come from muscling the swing.

  3. If my local center used brand new pins and lane equipment like kick backs etc. I’d probably get a pin to jump out of the pit and grab a 7 for me 🀣

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