PBA Wilmington Open | BJ Wins his First PBA Title!

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The PBA Wilmington Open is over and BJ Moore won his first PBA title!! It is awesome that the vlog got another title πŸ™‚ Also, Kyle Sherman finished 5th and Brad Miller finished 7th. What an amazing week! Off to Delaware…

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21 Comments on “PBA Wilmington Open | BJ Wins his First PBA Title!”

  1. WTG BJ! Good job Kyle and Brad on 5th and 7th. Love your videos. You’re living the dream for a lot of us who never had the guts/commitment to do it.

  2. So wholesome to see the house “storm the field” in support of BJ’s first title! Hope we get to see that kind of storming the field when Kyle or Brad win the vlog’s first Major!

  3. Another great video. Every bowling fan should be watching. Looks like you guys have a great relationship with each other. Wish you were not bowling for Chump Change. The summer tour is an embarrassment money wise. $600 for 32nd place…$1800 for 5th…ouch. Keep doing the videos and start selling ads.

    1. Well yeah theres not a lot of money in the summer tour right now, hopefully Fox puts some more money into it though. They are doing a great job right now with providing support for the PBA so thats good. Otherwise none of these events are really big, this is just kinda a big optional tour to get some money before the U.S. Open atm.

  4. I always love when they show how many bowling balls they either have with them, or the ones they just got drilled for the event, while as for me I make do with only one single bowling ball in my arsenal, my Brunswick Rhino. Then again, I’m not bowling on the pro tour…ha ha.

  5. It’s just awesome being able to bowl with friends and it’s also great having support, it helps loosen up the swing I’m sure. Keep it up guys! I’m envious on how you guys can have so much fun and still compete at the highest level. Lots of pure talent!

  6. Awesome video! Great bowling BJ! You guys are giving bowling fans a whole new experience to seeing our favorite super stars bringing it home. BC

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