17 Comments on “Perfect Your Approach. How to Conquer Bad Approaches in Bowling.”

  1. My favorite time of the week is Tip Tuesday! I’d like to add that any league bowler should definitely invest in some higher quality bowling shoes and be mindful of the fit. Take the time to re lace them every once in awhile and make sure your foot doesnt do any extra sliding in the shoe itself to prevent injury!

    1. Yes indeed. This is why Shannon has more fans in Mexico watching this and all of her tips. She deserves all her titles for being so professional. Thanks for sharing, Saludos desde México.

  2. Good information. I’ll have to try the blowing in your fist one for my shoes as well. Learned something new today.

  3. Anything I’ve learned over the years bowling in tournaments in different houses, is that no two approaches are the same. That’s why with my Dexter BOAS, I have every combination of sole and heel possible in my accessory backpack, along with several brushes. Expensive but definitely worth it in the long run. I’m pretty particular when it comes to my slide. I like to have just a little bit and that’s it. There’s been a few times where the approaches were so tacky, I actually had to use my highest numbered sole and highest speed heel just to get some slide. The other side of it I’ve had to use the lowest numbered sole and heel to keep myself from finishing at the arrows. Great tips!

  4. Great tips. I spent $200+ for a pair of Dexter shoes; they are interchangeable soles, but only came with one pair and only one shoe cover. It cost $30 to replace them and they are never on sale. Price seems a bit high for the shoes and soles. However, I see the importance of changing soles now. I think I may go back to purchasing the $30-$50 shoes in the future.

  5. I always wondered why you blow on your left hand. Thought it just Preshot, or cold in the building! Love my interchangeable Hammer boss 👟

  6. I bought one pair of shoes years ago, it was a starter pair, as I wasn’t sure I’d stick to bowling, and I kept buying balls and never touched my shoes, eventually after years the slide was more of a stick. So I am getting ready for my big return, after almost 20 years of not bowling, and I refuse to let bad shoes ruin me anymore, first thing I did before I bought any balls, bought one of the best quality pairs I could find, got 10 interchange souls….heheh

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