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A common topic amongst bowlers is does it matter if a ball is pin up or pin down? Today we take a look at that and only change the second angle of the layout to make the ball pin down. This allows for the test to be only about pin placement as both balls have the same pin distance from the Positive Axis Point. We put these two balls to the test. We verified that the shots were thrown the same using Specto at the CtD Education Center.

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    1. I don’t know about that. I think the difference was due to the slight difference in the entry angle not the ball driving through the pins, if you look at the graph comparing both of them, they both deflected to the right, neither actually drove through the deck.

  1. The difference was about a board for hook…the difference between a corner pin or strike. You blew through the statistics pretty fast and that is what matters…where it starts to hook, how much hook and angle of entry would seem to matter. Also, they did not appear to exit the pin deck the same…a difference in continuation?

    1. The total hook was less than a board different. The exit point is also extremely similar, and all the data can easily be paused for a in depth review. We have multiple videos of this and even a simulation that shows the same thing. Feel free to do some checking on this page and look for other sources of information on this topic. We welcome the opportunity to teach people using data and science.

    2. Similar pocket hits produce different results. The difference between a ringing ten or seven and a strike is small. Not saying that they are not similar, just one left a seven and the other was a.strike. very similar.

  2. It looked like the pin down had a little more energy and had a little more “left to right” hook. The pin up was a little earlier and had more front to back hook (it’s a little stronger) hence the corner pin still standing. I could be wrong but I have the Tank Blitz one pin up and one pin down and the web Pearl the same. On shorter conditions it’s hard to keep it in the 1-3 because it stores so much energy, my pin ups kill short patterns though 🤔

  3. Data shows pin down break point foot further, and entry angle barely more…and it did seem to go through the pins better….barely. But consider that he has pretty good speed. For a slower speed bowler perhaps there would be a bigger difference. I think we can say that for high speed high rev players the difference is very minor.

  4. There is definitely a difference for me in pin down vs pin up layouts and I would say my revs and speed are pretty close in matching up.

  5. toss both these balls on a shorter house pattern. 38 feet you will see. a huge difference. plus look how much those balls deflect instead of drive thru the deck, could be the ball too being track

  6. I have a pin on one of my balls I’ve noticed it did alot better then the pin up ball I have I almost finished with a 270 dont miss your mark with it I left a split twice with it and it killed my game and only broke 200

    1. Very much so depending on how much oil is on the lane and how far down the lane is oiled . Keep in mind urtheane balls will carry oil down the lane drying up the heads/ front part of the lane also

  7. It would be fun to see the pin up ball with deeper fingerholes. That would probably take some more core out of the ball. Will it roll as a pin down?

  8. Can we see different drillings of pin up and pin down. Also are leverage drillings able to be done with the no extra hole rules? Ie axis leverage or rev leverage?

  9. When the lanes start to dry out and the pattern breaks down is when pin up pin down really makes a difference

  10. Ron I have all my balls pin up. Basically only thing I have different is surface covers stock and core (a sym, sym) abd I normally just put ny older equipment at higher grit surface and just keep buying newer aggressive balls. Keeps it simple enough for me

  11. I usually go pin up, kinda like how he had his and I like the looks of it. I went pin down on one ball, the phaze 2 and honestly I hate it. I can’t predict it and sometimes it just slides too far past breaking points and never recovers to hook

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