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23 Comments on “Playing different parts of the lane using hand positions | how to change hand positions”

  1. I was sitting here thinking I needed a new ball. I’m new to bowling, and i can hook from the outside, but I don’t want to play just outside. I’ll give this a go, but I’m still getting another ball lol.

  2. Good idea I didn’t think about using a clock as a metaphorical teaching tool before, I’ll try this out in practice before league this week if I have time I’ll let you know if I remember to comment back here lol

  3. I soo much like your video’s. It helps a lot when i train my youth bowlers, to visualise it for them and make it easier to understand. My knowledge is good, but my own examples are not, so i am glad i can use yours. Keep it up like this man 👍🏻

  4. Hola. Muy interesante, bien explicado, muchas gracias por el consejo, lo pondré en práctica. Saludos desde Monterrey N. L. México.

  5. Great Tip. I could never get my ball to come back when playing left on dry lanes. It would just straighten out and hit the 3 pin. I’ll have to practice this.

  6. Thanks for the great info, JR! So an 11 o’clock-ish thumb position is all I’ve yet been able to muster on a release. When I try to get my thumb to 10 or 9 o’clock, the thumb doesn’t come out, it tops the ball, and I’m yanked face down onto the lane. Ouch! Oily ouch! Can you do a video on a transition step that will get us from 11 to 10 or 9 with a smooth thumb release? Thanks!

  7. Love your videos. They’ve helped me improve a lot! I’m struggling with this tip though. I’m trying to do this, but my ball just spins on its side instead of rolling like yours did. What might I be doing wrong/how does that get addressed?

    1. If it’s not rolling through then you’re turning your hand over the ball instead of lifting through the release from the bottom. When practicing, make sure that when you release you don’t end up on top of the ball. Rotate your hand position, keep your elbow down and lift through the release.

  8. Just want to let you know this tip has worked for me in getting the 10 pin out. Thanks and keep the videos coming.

  9. Great tip!! Thanks for the video? My bowling coach says that of you increase the side rotation you loose revs; what do you think about this?

  10. Dude. Your gonna have all the bowling noobs average spike up with this video! Thanks for the tips puts in a great perspective for us starters.

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