Polishing a URETHANE bowling ball in UNDER 15 Minutes

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Polishing a urethane bowling ball is very difficult to do because of the properties of the coverstock. Today we dive into completing this take with TruCut Sanding and Polishing Products!

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13 Comments on “Polishing a URETHANE bowling ball in UNDER 15 Minutes”

  1. You state at the beginning that the Purple Hammer is “true, pure urethane” however I thought that the PH was a pearl urethane. Would that not mean the urethane coverstock has pearl additive within in, therefore making it not “pure urethane”?

    1. They have an old purple hammer and the new pearl purple hammer, I think this one is the old purple hammer

    2. @TheBlueBunnyKen I think this one is one of the new ones as it does not have “made in USA” underneath the Hammer logo.

  2. Why are you polishing this in the 1st place? You should do a ball reaction video with un-polished and then polish it up and show the difference between the two.

  3. So will this process result in a Pearlized Urethane ball that reacts further down lane as in it doesn’t hook at your feet? 😉

  4. You are so right Ron!
    I have the new “Brunswick made” Purple and that thing is so hard I am not even seeing the slightest hint of lane shine even after 50 games!
    Now that you polished your Purple, how about a follow up video showing how it rolls compared to the out of box one?

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