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24 Comments on “Polishing vs. Sanding a Bowling Ball Explained”

  1. Just got my first set of Tru Cut sanding pads, and I can visually see the difference between that and Abralon, going to test them out tomorrow on the lanes.

  2. Wtf out of nowhere that Truecut polish!!
    “We got products over here, we creating a difference”!!! Wicked freestyle!!!

  3. Great video. Love how you explained the difference. I need to know who was spitting that fire! Where I can get that song? That’s gonna be my new hype song before I get to the lanes. Keep up the good work guys.

  4. Just bought the complete set of trucut pads polish all the cleaner and even the pyb smartstar and orbit… I have a Dv8 Turmoil pearl that I’m trying to get back to its original finish. Do I sand it down first to the grit it says and then polish or do I just polish?

  5. I think I’ll spend my money with you guys instead of the local pro shop 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  6. Just ordered it. My hooks are so strong I need to be able to throw consistent without over throwing… Hoping adding polish will make the spin last 1-2 seconds longer so it hooks perfect… Right now I’m going from gliding on the right gutter to the left gutter. HOPE THIS WORKS FOR ME!!

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