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24 Comments on “Practice this to improve your balance | Balance drill”

    1. Most of the time 2 handers have their trail leg/shoe off the approach. I remember a period of time when Belmo was experimenting with keeping his trail leg shoe in contact with the approach … he was rolling it well, but has since gone back to allowing it to naturally come up in the air. The key, I believe, is to keep it in a range of 8 to 10 inches. If it gets much higher than this it will negatively impact your balance. I put a an empty bowling box on the approach between the gutter caps as a maximum height reference for the 2 handers to use as a guide.

    1. Make sure your finger and thumb holes are properly drilled for proper fit. The thumb and finger hole span could be too wide. I had to shorten mine a bit for better control. Check into that.

  1. I can vouch for JR’s coaching which helped my balance immensely. It’s amazing how important balance is, and I just couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I signed up for virtual lessons, and my first video he gave me a very specific and helpful correction for me to visualize and practice, and it immediately solved a big balance problem. Great vid!

  2. A coach once told me to keep the thumb on my balance arm aimed towards the floor. I have found that this has helped me with my balance, scores and making ten pins

  3. When I start falling off to the right it’s usually me throwing the ball WAY too hard, I soften the throw and make it more relaxed and the shot comes back and I look like a statue on the fowl line.

  4. Sounds to me in the beginning you’re just full of excuses. Just kidding JR 😀 I have been doing the same thing where I come up out of the shot and don’t stay down. I have been working on this, but there are still times where my mindset isn’t totally focused. Like Mr. Miagi said…”focus Danielsan. Stay focus.” I have a certain ritual I go through for every shot. I try to make sure I do the same thing each time I bowl and make sure the mechanics are there, including staying balanced. JR, I hope you and the other bowlers out there as well improve your balancing acts, so to speak. Love your videos JR. Keep bringing them, bro.

  5. I don’t stare a target down. I aim at the arrows but im also half glancing down at where the ball breaks at the end of the pattern.

  6. Hey JR, would you be able to get your hands on the Swag Incredible. i would love to see how that ball lines up against the 900 Global Money Badger Tour

  7. I’ve noticed that many people that fall off their shot to the right (right handers), have a tendency to reach out towards the target rather than having their body aligned with the swing.

  8. Excellent information, can I send u a vid of my bowling. Houston hometown bowlers is my YouTube channel… I really like ur vids and have been a subscriber for quite a while… this is some great information for all bowlers…

  9. JR does looking down the lane further affect your balance? I normally look at the dots between the foul line and the arrows and balance is good. If I want to throw with more power I move my feet quicker and look at the arrows which throws my balance off more often than not.

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