26 Comments on “Pro Bowler Impersonations with Marshall Kent”

  1. 10/10

    I’ve always wanted to see a video like this lol

    We need a Belmo fist pump, a Norm Duke/WWRJ straight up 5 board, a Kyle Troup pick, and a PDW crotch chop

    1. @emerald3331 of course, he must have tried a few times to make sure all shots shown were strikes. But Marshall is an impressive bowler regardless. Not many can bowl righty, lefty, 2-handed, and do well.

  2. I need more! including Pete Weber, WRWJ, Belmo, Simo, the Tangs, or any House Bowling member, oh and Tackett too!

    1. Belmont a nice guy pete webber impression would be nice cuse hes always pissed off at someone in a 1v1 bowling match on tv

  3. OMG!!! that daugherty toe tapping is friggin’ hilarious. Nice work Marshall! Those impersonations are great.

  4. Here’s the best part about this video… When I watched it the first time, I assumed he did the PA and Buttruff with his right hand and just flipped the video, but then I watched it again and looked and the lane numbers…. nope, video not flipped. All talent!

  5. 🀣 well done, Marshall! although you were missing the gum chewing from Shawn. 🀣

  6. You forgot Shawn’s gum he is always chewing. Do PDW, WR Jr, and Tommy Jones next. If you can put the same axis tilt as PDW, you will become a legend (although he might be pissed LOL)

  7. OMG! The Tom toe tap, the Beef Stu hand finishing in the shot, and the Barnes was spot on. This has officially made my day. Dude you GOTTA do more of these. This was gold. Hilarious!!! This is why I love Kent.

  8. I want more…brilliant. Please do the House, Brad and Kyle, Darren and Michael Tang…more!

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