25 Comments on “Pro Bowling Challenge Turned into Accident!”

    1. @Joey Wilson no way you could even get the ball out to 5 with no oil. Ur ball would hit a wall at around 20 and then just go to the right gutter if ur a lefty

    2. @Joey Wilson there’s no way you could even get it to the gutter on no oil, and if u throw it dead flat it won’t come back from 5

  1. The House puts out the best bowling content on Youtube by far. Between B&K, Darren and The House channel, there’s never a shortage of hilarious antics.

  2. Tangs just need to pot bowl outside the tourney, and Brad and Kyle need to stop betting before they bankrupt their parents 🤣😂🤣

  3. is that Simo or someone else working on the lane to the right early in the video, like at 2:21? That seems unnecessarily risky.

  4. Another idea for after Brad and Kyle hit 100k subscribers, but how about a doubles or trios tourney with an amateur bowler and 1 or 2 members of the House teaming up against another am and 1 or 2 House guys. I would team up with Brad and Kyle any day, heehee. Been loving the content on the vlogs lately. Also love seeing the House guys bowling so well. 😉

  5. This is a good start but …
    Let’s make this happen The Bohn brothers vs brad and Kyle vs The Tang brothers vs Wesley Low and a friend in a YouTube bowlers Tournament……

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