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42 Comments on “Pro vs Amateur Bowling Releases in Slow Motion”

    1. Not a typo. Typos are accidental mistakes. They legit didn’t know the spelling. They’re really good at bowling though.

    2. Disagree because in title of video they got the word amateur correctly spelled. So it is a typo. If it wasn’t, and they didn’t know how to spell the word amateur they wouldn’t have spelled it correctly in the title of video.

    3. hankgolfer1 to be fair, you can edit the title and thumbnail for a video, but you can’t edit the video itself, except for replacing the audio track or adding annotations.

  1. Great video guys! Thank you! I notice on the downswing, the position of the index finger might be a useful “mental key” for some players. Worth looking at. Also, the difference in length of the pivot step vs the length of the slide is HUGE!

    1. The best guy in our league doesn’t slide at all. He is right handed and uses a running shoe on his right foot and a left-handed rubber soled bowling shoe on his left foot (so it doesn’t leave marks on the approach). He averages 244. I have ceased linking performance to slide.

    1. yes, I agree. Break it down for us! “See where he does this and this…compared to the amateur…” The only thing I really noticed was the amateur didn’t slide.

    1. @Joe P exceptions that prove the rule. modern power players don’t release like that because A. they wouldn’t be power players with that hand position and B. it makes your ball more prone to missing the midlane and going sideways off of friction. matt mcniel has possibly the worst release of any professional bowler, yet he has 4 eagles. having an “amateur”-like release doesn’t mean you can’t compete, it just means every other part of your game has to be that much better to compensate.

    2. @odellus Well said, I have a release very similar to Matt McNeil and yeah, if the other areas of my game are not perfect, then it is over for me. My spares need to be close to perfect too since my rotation sucks.

  2. If you take notice on the side views, all 4 bowlers have knee continuation through their releases. That is so key when it comes to maintaining balance.

  3. Question for Kyle..was there actual fluid in the mug as u took that β€œ sip β€œ at the end ?? We are dying to know

  4. Great vlog guys! I as an amateur… need to work on my slide… Good luck to both of you at the US Open πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  5. Thanks to your guys tutorial videos i shot my first 200 and qualified for the head to head matches in the junior masters

  6. I typically do slide a little, but when using Kyle’s shoes (and ball) for the purpose of this video, I was certainly planting. Notice how far back from the line I was. When I incorporate a slide, you can see just how far that slide is. It’s not much of a power slide, and is something that if I ever wanted to try the highest level of bowling would need to correct. Thanks for all the positive comments about my game here. I bowl about 9 games a year anymore. Time to get back out there.

  7. Love these vids! I bowl for fun and thanks to these vids I’m now consistently rolling 180’s / 190’s. Even a 210 today. Very helpful and entertaining. Thanks guys!

  8. Mmm I’d love to see my release in slo-mo. My hand’s such a blur at the bottom of my release our phones don’t really pick it up well.

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