Radical Innovator Solid Bowling Ball Review | THIS BALL IS SO GOOD!!

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12 Comments on “Radical Innovator Solid Bowling Ball Review | THIS BALL IS SO GOOD!!”

  1. I was watching the release video when Phil was talking about this and the outer limits. Per phil the MOtion magic cover is 1 step below the HK22 cover. It was basically HK22 beta. I find it interesting that HK22 is mostly for Pearl and Hybrid with the Brutal Collision being the only solid with HK22 (or one of a couple). I wonder if this cover formula will appear on anything other than the Mo Heritage line.

    1. In my opinion, even the non hk22 stuff looks cleaner than it did before but maybe it’s just me. I think there were some changes made over time.

  2. I’m looking at eventually getting a stronger ball. Do you think it would benefit the ball reviews to do them on a fresh oil pattern and then on a beat up oil pattern or not? Just curious.

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr  I was just asking in general not necessarily for this review. Just trying to get your opinion and feedback

  3. I have the first. I love that shape but it’s so clean. I think I need this one for sure on the fresh. My GB2 is the ball of choice on the fresh for now.

  4. “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” —Michael Jordan

  5. I have a 1500 grit polished bowling ball (New) and I want to change the surface that is repeatable by hand to 1500 grit polish. I can I do that and what pads do I start with ? I already have all your pads as well as the polish. Thank you @Ronsld Hickland Jr😊

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