Radical Outer Limits Bowling Ball Review | IS THIS BALL OUT OF THIS WORLD?

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8 Comments on “Radical Outer Limits Bowling Ball Review | IS THIS BALL OUT OF THIS WORLD?”

  1. I thought HK22 was an additive package. EX the GB4 Hybrid (also HK22) has the GB12.0 Hybrid cover. It seems like Brunswick (with Brunswick and Radical) is not saying what the base cover stock is unlike the rest of the brands. The Brutal has HK22 but it also has the inciter Xtreme cover as its base formula.

    Can’t wait to throw mine tonight. This is the strongest ball in my bag (lots of revs no thumb bowler)

  2. I bought this ball, and LOVE IT! mine seems stronger but I’m a 2 hander, my rev rate is higher. I possibly have a stronger layout also… this is now my benchmark starter ball for a heavy house shot.

  3. I’ve never had an HK22 ball, but I’ve been eyeing Brutal Collision. Glad to know it’s your favorite as that edges me ever so closer to buying it lol.

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