21 Comments on “Reacting to the Crazy Brad vs Kyle TV Match!!”

  1. Awesome reaction! are you guys planning to stream live in the future, we will definitely vibe with you especially for us who could not participate on your live games or practice.

  2. I saw Keven’s last shot that was brutal and cost him from making the show. I did not realize until right now that if he would have struck it would have knocked Kyle off TV. Wild!

  3. I really liked the react vid fellas. Is cool to see what was going through your mind while on TV and under the extra pressure. Plus, it was such a close match that was down to a single mistake back and forth. I’ll be there when you hit Okla!!

  4. Gotta love randy! he more Entertaining then the bowling matchs always makes me laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Great way to start the 2022 PBA season. Keep up the great bowling guys. I have faith you’re going to win a few titles this year. Looking forward to opportunities to watch you guys bowl in person and hopefully bowl with you guys in a Pro Am.

  6. Been watching the Tour since the early 70’s. Guys ,I’ve never enjoyed watching a match more. Continued success.

  7. Keep up the energy and let’s see you bowl each other more on the finals. I want to see you bowl each other for a title.

  8. 20:00 lol. He’s stated that his captures of FS2 doesn’t always convert right. He hasn’t been able to figure out why so that’s why it skips at times

  9. Loved the vid..fun to hear your narrative. Sometimes I swear it would be best to just throw a conventional grip ball straight down the middle…. truthfully I thought you should go with stronger..where you were. Great job guys really coming along! But from an armchair quarterback position it’s easier to see..

  10. Thanks for encouraging us to come out. I loved meeting you and watching you bowl. Thrilled to make the B roll in your last video. Can’t wait to see what you and the house do this season.

  11. I know what you guys mean about the pressure. I had the first 9 strikes in league and everyone in my league came over to watch and I instantly got super nervous and choked and threw a 7 lol

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