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8 Comments on “Removing Scuff Marks on a Bowling Ball INSTANTLY With Life After Death”

  1. will using a ctd trucut pad after cleaning remove the micro layer of protection that is left behind?

    1. Yes it will because you’re sanding the ball with a ctd sanding pad. Life after death will last for about 6 games if just using a bowling ball cleaner after each bowling session.

    2. @alex korn so it doesnt absorb into the coverstock like tacify and plasticiser. or are you removing those when you sand also

  2. This stuff is no joke. I bought it for my black widow ghost pearl. Had some tiny black scratches I could not get off for the life of me. After this stuff came in the mail those marks wiped off with ease. I’ll always buy life after death

  3. Come bowl at our alley I used life after death every time I clean my ball and my ball is black when I’m done bowling

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