25 Comments on “Roto Grip UFO Alert | PBA Bowlers Best Friend”

  1. It would be awesome to get more ball reviews on the channel! You guys seem to have your own style going about reviews and it’s really cool.

    Granted, I don’t throw Storm, but it doesn’t take away from the content or the quality of the product.

    Hope to see you tear it up with this in upcoming events πŸ‘

    1. @Joeri Van Der Kamp I personally just never felt comfortable with the equipment, which is kind of weird considering I have a few 300’s with them. I just started throwing Motiv on a whim about 2 years ago and it completely changed everything somehow.

      I don’t dislike them or anything, as a matter of fact I adored my Emerald, but nothing really pleases me and makes me feel as comfortable as Motiv does these days.

  2. Good to see if throwing shots again! Hope rehab is going well, can’t wait to see you back out on the tour

  3. It’s great to see you slinging rocks again, Kyle. How was the shoulder after your ball test on the lanes?

    Hope your studies are going well also. I’m sure the guys miss you out on tour and hope to see you out there soon.

  4. I like my UFO Alert a lot! Definitely needed some surface! Also the UFO Alert is a hybrid not a pearl. This ball take the surface really well!

    1. @MotivLou I can understand how tough of a decision it is to leave a brand (even when it’s your signature name) so, all the respect in the world for what you do. I think sometimes people lose sight of how much effort it takes to create and produce quality YouTube content!

  5. Hopefully your rehab and recovery from your last surgery went well. It will be good to see footage of you bowling again.

  6. Welcome back Kyle! Maybe you could share the enlightenment about recovering from a shoulder injury. Just want you to know how excited I am when you come up to the videos. peace!

  7. I believe the UFO alert is a hybrid and that is why it’s slightly more controllable than a pearl! But great video Kyle, glad to see you back on the lanes! I was debating between the UFO alert and the Dark Code, and I went with the Dark Code because I felt it saved a little more energy for the back which is what I need on longer patterns, would love to see you throw that as well!

  8. the reaction looks a lot like my hy road gold pearl.. only stronger of course but just as smooth and controllable.. looks like a great Ball.. πŸ˜‰

  9. First week throwing this ball kind of struggled, got a little practice in with it now my favorite ball in my bag over the spy and pro motion

  10. I love the UFO Alert, my average with it is 230 and I bowled my first 300 with it. It’s the perfect ball

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