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31 Comments on “Sanding Direction Demonstration”

    1. And if heard correctly you must sand before starting a tournament or league correct? Not in the middle of a game ?

  1. This is cool man thank you. Me being into cars it reminds me of the different layouts and setups you can do to one vehicle or another for different tracks (or lanes)

  2. Just bought the new Trucut/TurtleWax 5500 grit polish. Does sanding direction still matter if I apply it? (Using ball spinner btw)

    1. It can matter depending on the underlying grit used. Make sure you polish the ball evenly as well.

  3. Ronald,
    I have your purple stuff and shammy, I have a crux pearl that I feel needs more hook it has lost its hook and is not as strong as it use to be. Factory is 1500 grit polished. What do I need to get this ball back and hooking?
    Thank you

  4. If I want to resurface a ball and finish with 1500 grit. What grit should I start with. I have 180 and 360 Abralon then I have tru cut from there

  5. wont it be better to have the grooves that are created from sanding the ball go more-so perpendicular than parallel to the bowlers track? i was taught that doing this is better for creating surface because it provides more of a bite (more traction) and that doing it the way suggested in the video is a way to get the bowler to come back to the pro shop sooner as the sanding job will smooth out faster.

  6. Just purchased your product. Have a ball with 1500 Abralon polish finish so ball has some shine. Used ur 1500 pad, left dull finish. Do I polish it with ur product to get closer to out of the box look and performance? I appreciate how you respond back to those of us leaving comments to get the most out of ur product

  7. Just stumbled across this. Is it best to sand in this direction? What does the other directions do?

  8. watch that dust fly – that dust is super toxic. do not do it this way. proper sanding is done wet or with machine away from ur nose.

    1. Lol no it’s not, and what makes you qualified to say it’s toxic? Do you even know what a bowling ball is made of?

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