12 Comments on “Should Bowlers Bend Their Elbow? Bowling Arm Swing Power Tip!”

  1. What do you think on the 2 hander side? Is bending the elbow on the backswing always the right call? E.g. Belmonte vs Troup’s swings where Troup doesn’t bend on the backswing

    1. @Livarus GTA It may help with speed some but it seems like more of a feel thing for me. 2 handers can easily get plenty of speed without bending the elbow, but Belmo does it seemingly with more ease.

  2. thank you for this, a question I have is when do we start the bend/getting under there ball? right at the apex or after the Mark baker timing spot (where the ball is parallel to the head)?

  3. I used to bend the elbow on the backswing. Shady pointed it out to me in a lesson I took with him. We figured out it was the reason I had discomfort in my elbow after bowling a few games. I had to wear a compression sleeve to help ease the pain. Once he showed me the video, and how to correct it I no longer had any pain.

  4. Not everyone can UpSwing… I cant fully extend my arm and never bring it all the way back.. keep it bent, better the rotation..

  5. It doesn’t matter whether you bend your elbow or not on the backswing as long as the ball motion is along the same vertical plane; Belmo has all the attributes of a one handed bowler; pushaway, backswing, swing and release with the only major variation being that because 2 hands are used the elbow bends on the back swing and straightens during the swing. If you look at his elbow during the backswing and and it goes straight up and down.

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