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  1. This shed some light on my missing high issues…I had always moved the opposite direction and tried to throw it straighter to keep those Brooks at bay.

    1. If you are right right-handed these are basically the Right Moves tonight a whole lot depends on your ball selection ball speed and so on down in in on the house shot is about the easiest way.

  2. This is the best timing for this video to come out I have league tonight and always struggle with this

  3. Should mention that if a 10 pin is left on a house shot, you can take half a step to 1 step back to give it time to react on the lane and kick out the 10. I find this useful to people that have 1 ball or use 1 ball during a house shot league. Same with 7 pin, move up half a step or 1 step. If pocket 7-10 then slow the ball down by relaxing rather than tensing up and getting frustrated with the leave.

  4. I’m fairly new and what your saying is in the 1st shot posted I would move my normal setup towards the pins not knocked down or is it the opposite. Please help

    1. No. You need to move in the direction of the pins that were knocked down. Usually just 1 or 2 boards

  5. I’ve been struggling with this very thing recently because a lot of times I know I need to make an adjustment but I don’t know how much and when to make the adjustment. Sometimes I think I’m just missing my mark, sometimes right and sometimes left. These are very helpful tips. Thanks for posting. πŸ™‚

    1. dont feel bad im doing the same thing and my arm swing has been awful my avg is down 15 pins from last yr nothing is going right for me

    2. @jim ward it’ll get better. We all hit a plateau at one time or another, but it’s part of the journey. Your average will go back up. I’ve been in the high 140s/low 150s for several months and I’m still waiting for a 600 series.

  6. Brilliant guys, πŸ‘ I see people going Brooklyn all the time they just won’t move and complain about the lanes all the some are lanes are crispy off the break point at 41 feet, they say other bowling houses are better, I say wherever you bowling you got to adjust to the lanes, what do you guys think please respond.

  7. This was my exact problem at practice last night. Bowled a lot of Brooklyns and when I didn’t strike, I left the 6-10, the 3-6-10, or the 5-9, all because the ball went high. It got better when I moved left, but I didn’t move my eyes enough, so this was a great tip. Thanks!

  8. Is it outside of the scope of this video to discuss how the board & distance of the breakpoint play into this equation; specifically, is the goal to make a move like:
    Slide 19, 15 at the arrows, to 7 @ 42′ and it becomes Slide 21, 16 at the arrows, to 7 @ 42′?

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  10. Ok. A 3 minute video. An 8 second intro, a 30 second Inside Bowler standard opening, 70 seconds of Marshall showing us how to adjust with narration, then another 39 seconds repeating what he just said a minute ago, and finally the standard close of about 30 seconds. It sure seems they could get more info in these videos, or just make them shorter.

  11. That’s good getting ready to bowl state this weekend and If I go high I’m going to do this I think it be a great help

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