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31 Comments on “So you bought TruCut sanding pads, now what?”

  1. The Light. ALWAYS has to be right in front of your nose.

    Make sure your nose points to your light source. Or 23 degree angle at most so that the shadow cast I your jaw line. Not happy with tha lighting because it Didn’t match tha Godlike Product yea ya ya love godlike yea ya ya 😀

  2. I’m looking for a cleaner that won’t add tackiness, it’s for my dry lane ball when I need the extra length.

    1. That Wow Factor TR will increase length decrease backend and not change the surface of your bowling ball. You can get it at ctdbowling.com

  3. I do it on my Bowling Ball Spinner…Sand 1 half the ball on a timer for like 1min…then when it goes off…stop…flip and do the other side for 1 min…can’t wait to try the Polishing pad!! Really needed that extra shiny surface last night…ball was overhooking too much….

  4. I’ve been watching all of your videos, just purchased a 3 pack of CTD TruCut and as Im waiting for the pads to arrive by mail, here you are demonstrating how to sand the ball with my exact bowling ball I primarily use, Brunswicks Quantum forest green solid. I love this bowling ball and I cant wait for these pads to arrive.

  5. Hey Ron I have a question: I have an old Worldbeater ball that I absolutely loved for the first two years, but you can imagine after a couple of seasons of just entertaining bowling the ball has since died. Will your so fresh life extender product bring it back to life. Keep in mind that I have not use this ball in well over a year and a half. Thnx

  6. I just got a ball spinner and TruCut sanding pads and this video was exactly what I was looking for. I already use That Purple Stuff and there is no substitution.

  7. If I want to resurface a ball and have the finished surface at 1500 grit. Can I use a 500 grit pad or do I go down to 360 and then 500. Can I go from 500 straight to 1500?

  8. Just got my package of True Cut pads today. Used them on one of my favorite balls (Motive Forge) and I must say, they made the ball look almost brand new. I cant wait to throw it wednesday to see what kind of scores I’m going to get

    1. You can buy the pads at ctdbowling.com. Our Educational Center is in Hopkinsville KY ctdeducationcenter.com

  9. I have the needed sanding pads for each bowling ball I have. I wrote the grit and what bowling ball it is for with a sharpie.

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