12 Comments on “Sport Bowling Pattern Distance. A Tip to Improve Your Scores!”

  1. 2:08 artísticas son unos REIKOO.Uno mamuchas y uno buen ejercicio.2:08 5:25 Se deja ver quee hay muy buenos resultados ❤

  2. Great video! I’ve had several try to explain this to me but your explanation was very clear. I forget to subtract a foot or two when the ball come off the pattern, and I’ve been throwing it too fast to get an accurate read.

  3. Good tip. We have AMF lanes so no range finders but we have 1 guy that throws his first warm-up about 12 MPH (his normal is about 17). I asked him once why he does that and he said just to get loosened up but I’m thinking he is checking the lane. He is a secretive type bowler. He has helped me a little but I can tell he holds back on what he shares with me. The guy is a nuclear physicist so pretty bright guy…lol. Pretty sure our league uses about a 38′ THS so gonna try this next time out. Thanks!

  4. Keep ‘em coming I luv it have to start writing them down. Long list can’t remember all.

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