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Minor adjustments forward and backward can help a bowler stay in the pocket from shot to shot. USBC Gold Coach Karen Pullman and Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney analyze a bowler’s shots and make suggestions for movement. Every pin counts, so it is important to make the moves that are going to get you as many pins as possible. - Your One Stop Pro Shop!

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  1. Bowler moves back 4-6″ on one shot, and forward 6-8″ on another shot……but his slide foot still finishes the same distance from the foul line on those two shots as the foot finished from his initial starting position……how does this shorten or lengthen the lane? Ball path further right at the break point goes heavy, balls further in at the break point are light….looks like a typical house shot reaction. Too bad available CATS data wasn’t used to verify shot path of each shot.

    1. +Srblues1 very simply, if u leave a weak 10 pin, moving back 1/4 step will make u finish HIGHER in the pocket , taking the 6 and slapping the 10 out…the idea here is INSTEAD of moving left or right , change your angle to the pocket…and u do that by moving back on the approach when leaving soft 10s…a soft 10 is actually a LIGHT hit as well as a ringing 10 , the 6 does not do its job so u have to be just a hair tighter to the pocket…moving 1/4 step back on approach does wonders on the lane 60 ft from you…it make u drop the ball a hair earlier and thus , finish higher to the pocket…

    1. I have always believed that two handed bowlers use that style because they would not be competitive if they bowled one handed. I’ve seen so many that will bowl the spare with one hand. They want all of those revs to try to make as many strikes as they can. Hell, I remember reading that Belmo said in an interview that if he ever had to go to one handed that he would give up bowling.Osku will go bowl one handed on spares and I swear hes faster than Rash and Malott put together.

    1. Hello and thanks for the question.

      It can work. It depends on if your equipment is well maintained.

      Check out this video on maximizing your bowling balls performance and learn first hand what proper maintenance of your bowling ball can do to that 10 pin.


      Thanks for watching!

      National Bowling Academy

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