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28 Comments on “Step 2 Compound vs. TruCut Polish What is the Difference?”

  1. Thank You for explaining the difference as well as the pros and cons of both products. . I feel as though this video was not only unbiased but also accurate in regards to intended use and performance. . Shout out to CTD! !

  2. Ron thank you for the video and also much respect to you because you dont trash someone else’s product to promote yours, you show the difference of products

  3. I just wanna knw is it a better replacement then having the compound on.. so HyroadX is 1500 grit polish.. would I have better reaction with your product compared to 3000 and step 2 or 3 finish on my ball since the the closes to factory? I think that’s all we wanna knw lmao

  4. Thanks Ron, been watching you for a while. Your videos are very informative. Bought the TruCut sanding pads recently and they are excellent.

    1. You are correct, the video wasn’t comparing polishes it was explaining the difference between a compound and a polish and the benefits of each.

    2. These kind of comments on Ron’s videos crack me up. Yes he is selling a product with his name on it so of course he will be showcasing it. Storm does the same thing.

      However, the man offers a good product and has the knowledge to back it up. Why not just accept that fact and take the information that Ron offers to you? If you like his product, buy it. If not, don’t. Either way you learned something by watching his video.

  5. Ron, how often do you apply the True Cut Hand Polish? Do you reapply after every league night?

  6. Ive subecribed! Your knowledge blows me away ronald!!!!!! This video brings me to a question.. im looking to add abit of length and tame down tha back end for a specifc customer on a ball of his.. he is a highly rev dominant player , and currently i just moved his surface with storms 1500grit polished method 500/1000 2000/4000 with new abralon then the step 2.. ive got storm step 3, storm reacta shine, storm xtra shine, and power house factory finish polish.. what would you suggest i try next?

    1. So if you really want to tame is reaction down and you have tried polishing the ball. You can use some lane oil on a towel and use it like a polish to help reduce the pores ability to absorb. I’ll make a video showing the process and reaction difference, and yes it can be undone. Thank you for the great question.

  7. Informative video Mr. Hickland, I just ordered some more CTD sanding pads and a bottle of your new polish, now I already have bottle of the Storm Xtra shine polish, are these two polishes comparable in you opinion or does the CTD polish offer a bit more?

  8. What is the finishing grit on Brunswick balls with 500 and then royal compound? Thanks

  9. Those Tru Cut pads are “the cat’s meow!” That means they are so much better than the Abralon pads I have been using. They last a lot longer and keep cleaner. Thanks for this video on polish vs compounds. So, on my Hy-Road w 1500 grit and Step 2, I get good reaction. But what change could we expect using the Turtle Wax polish instead of Step 2?

  10. Ron you showed the difference in shine isn’t it more important to know what grit (and performance) between the step 2, step 3 and the Turtle polish?

  11. Nice presentation but I think it would be better if you also read the surface with your surface reading machine to show the difference.

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