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  1. I really like the mechanics here! One thing even with 2 hands is to try and keep things effortless and relaxed as possible. Bowling starts with a transfer of kinetic energy all the way to the pins.
    Plus you want to minimalize wear and tear, and bowl as safely as possible. Excellent video!

  2. I’ve been taking lessons with Mike Jasnau for a few years here in Alaska and the biggest thing he harps on is your push away and how it effects your timing, excellent description!

  3. I used to do the full “pushaway” until coach Daniel had me think of it more as a “hinge down” movement. I use my non-bowling hand as a sort of trap door when I start my steps. On step 2, I take that hand off the ball and just let the ball fall directly into my swing. It’s controlled, but it’s not way out in front of me, anymore. Completely revolutionized my approach.

  4. I watched a Singaporean coach and instead of calling it the pushaway, they call it “Ball Placement” because, like you guys said, you don’t want to push away the ball, you want to put the ball in the right place.

  5. Question: you mentioned a 5 step approach, the push away should start on the second step. Does that mean then on a 4 step approach the push away should start on the first step?

    1. I don’t totally agree with that. My understanding is the benefit of the five step approach is that you start the ball in motion as you are taking the first step with the leg on the opposite side of the ball so you stay more balanced. I was taught 4 step in the 70s and bowled that way for many years. I switched to 5 step for that reason and the fact that most high level bowlers were using an odd number of steps.

    2. Missed that somehow. I use a 4 step, but I push away on the second step. Idk, it feels better timing wise but maybe I’m hindering myself.

  6. Hi guys!! Why not call it the “drop down”? I really appreciate all you guys teach us on how to bowl correctly, to get better results and not injure ourselves!! Keep up the good work!!😁😁

  7. Would have liked to have seen some examples of the pushaways good and bad and how they do affect ball control.

  8. It’s easier for people to see what you mean, rather than just explaining it. I like watching you guys in action with a ball. Keep up the great vids! Best on YouTube!

  9. Guys I think we call agree we appreciate the content. Small request, could you demonstrate with a ball while bowling both correct and incorrect? Theory is good but we need the data ( bowl ) please.

  10. Thank you Kyle and Brad for the lesson. I am always following you and I bring it to lanes on Wednesdays tourney night for me. Your friend always

  11. U Guys Couldn’t Say It Better. Right On Point. Very Important To Keep Ball Smoothly In Front Line So It Will B More Relaxed Feel When U Get Into The Motion Swing & Then Release Follow Through. Love ❤️ Brad & Kyle Very Much. My Hero’s Of Bowling ⭐️. Best Wishes 2 U…. 😘🥰

  12. I would add one more tip to the pushaway: your posture. Sometimes when you are a little too forward in your posture, your pushaway will tend to be more “straight down” and you end up pulling the ball up in the back swing instead of letting the ball swing itself.

    ….and if anybody knows how to fix this, please make a video so i can watch 🙂

  13. The figure 8! I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain that move I see pros make. I watch a lot of slow mo videos on the release and ALL pros at the top make a subtle move that brings the arm/ball down inside close to the ankle. Definitely not easy

  14. I lost my drop when I hurt my rotator cuff, and subsequently went to a 14lb. from 15. I’ve been working on my swing for almost 2 years as a result. Every success down lane starts from the drop. Thanks for the vids.

  15. I can’t seem to figure out how to get my arm swing straightened I’m always wrapping the ball behind my back in the back swing, now I’ve managed to bowl well doing this I have a 203 avg at one alley and a 218 avg at another, but I feel like I’m still losing a ton of accuracy and power that I could have if I can get it straightened out. I’m almost always on the outside of the bowling ball and on top of it which I feel is also caused by the ball wrapping behind me in my back swing

  16. I find it tough to get a full, free backswing without pushing the ball way out in front. I suppose it comes down to the arm swinging freely, but my speed seems more consistent with the “wrong” style push away.

  17. Excellent tutorial!
    You are essentially walking past the ball as it swings down and back up to the apex. The ball should not move forward until it approaches the apex of the swing. Your cadence must be correctly timed with your swing in order for this to occur. The tail should not wag the dog.

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