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IQ Emerald is the newest edition to the Storm family. A very well thought out project by Storm that should fit into a lot of bowlers bags. Check out the video!

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Camera: Canon m50
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro



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20 Comments on “Storm IQ Emerald – BEST green ball you can buy!”

  1. Such an eloquent man. It is a breath of fresh air listening to someone not saying like every other second.

  2. Love the look of this ball and really love watching your and Kyle’s videos keep up the good work guys.

  3. Snake oil salesman! Lol! Just kidding Brad! Great video! I love how you show your arsenal and where it fits. Thank you!

  4. Hey Brad, would you please show the executive of Storm (Steve K) how to improve his video with better audio?

  5. I’ve been looking adding this one to my bag. I really love my IQ pearl and would love to own IQ Emerald.

  6. i like how u show the arsenal and where the ball fits that helps a ton when making a decision.

  7. Out of entire IQ line, which would be your most favorite? I love my tour edition but think its time to replace with fresher cover or just new. Has a tons of games.

  8. Excellent, excellent review Brad! Great job narrating your impressions of your arsenal.

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