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42 Comments on “Storm Pitch Purple | Blue Hammer URETHANE? HOW THEY ARE DIFFERENT”

  1. Thanks. I was thinking about getting a pitch purple but now that i know its not urethane I will go with the Black Hammer

    1. @HeminemVEVO Australia Thanks but my main thing is I want a ‘typical’ urethane ball. I was looking at the pitch black too

    2. HeminemVEVO Australia so is the pitch black and the black hammer r they like convitentinal urethane or new urethane

    1. still own 2. learned on a blue when I was 9 in 2006. cant change lol. Went to a tropical storm and always went back

  2. Here is my take, i throw the hy-road pearl usually and as i see it, the pitch purple has the same arch as my pearl, and therefore I’m hoping that on a short pattern where urethane is key to move oil down for later, that the purple will move it like a urethane right into my pearl’s path. That’s at least what I’m getting from the reviews and why it’s the next ball I’m probably getting. 🤔 👍

    1. Alan Ring I got mines Thursday and wanted to use it on Saturday but I didn’t need it.I shot a 574 with my phase 3

    2. Tristen Parker I started a new league on Monday and we had to set averages. My resin balls were all failing me so I pulled that one out, and probably set my average too high with as good as it worked for me.

  3. This makes more sense than the video I saw comparing the pitch purple (a solid ) vs the Purple Pearl ( a pearl ).
    I feel like the pitch purple is more like the BTU or black widow urethane?

  4. Any thoughts on the Storm Mix? Bought mine as a spare ball. Thinking someone asking for a urethane for “dry lanes” might like this piece,

    1. That ball is definitely made to go straight. So yes on extremely dry lanes it could be useful

    2. I can get the Storm Mix to hook almost like a reactive ball on a house shot. But I bowl between 13-14 MPH with two fingers. If the lane is dry it’ll hook from coast to coast.

  5. What about the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane? Is that also what you’d call a “mild reactive” or would you term it as urethane? Also heard that the coverstock of the Purple Urethane tends to wear out much faster than “traditional” urethane, is this due to the cover formula, or would resurfacing it bring it back to life much like other urethane balls?

    1. Purple Pearl is true urethane. That coverstock is more durable than most. Check my channel I talk about that ball in depth

    2. Ronald Hickland Jr Thank you for the reply! I’ve watched all of your purple urethane videos and was still a little unsure. Really good to hear straight from you. Thanks man!

  6. Was that the original blue Hammer from like 1990, or the later remake? The core differences between the two could make the difference in reaction rather substantial.

  7. Love this comparison showed I definitely want that blue hammer as my second ball because the one I have now hooks too much on certain lanes

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