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33 Comments on “Storm Pro Motion Ball Review Lets Talk About It”

  1. Are you planning to get better audio equipment?, it’s hard for me to understand sometimes in these videos

    1. Yeah unfortunately we were unaware of the issue. We did quite a few videos this way. It will be better next time for sure.

    2. It seems like the sound only comes from the left speaker which really throws off the sound and gets annoying.

    1. These are demo balls, which means people can’t clean them or wipe the oil off them. It is probably shined up from previous use

  2. The ball is going to be great for sports shots, who pays $175 for a ball to bowl on THS league with

    1. someone who wants to spend $175 on a ball. seems like a dumb thing to imply, that a league player shouldn’t have a certain ball because you can’t afford it/dont want it.

    2. @C-Bomb i think you don’t quite understand the shape that this ball throws on the lane.
      this may be arguably a “control” piece but it certainly is a high-end reaction. it is a pretty strong ball with a strong cover and fairly strong core; it moves a lot of boards if thrown correctly. it creates a rounded shape instead of a sharp angular shape but by no means does that mean its a low-end reaction. it’s certainly worth the price tag for the reaction it has.

  3. i’ve seen a two hander throw that ball and left 2 – 10 pins then another 7-10 and he was done with that ball for the night, switched off to the futura and killed it the rest of the night. so far it seems like another “for belmo” ball, even sent those videos to belmo himself on instagram and no response as expected, LOL.

  4. I preorded the ball, and the day it was released the shop was out in a tournament so now I have to wait to get it almost a week after being released…so sad.

  5. Lol, JR Raymond kept moving left over and over (inside for him, righty) with the C300 resurgence to try and get it to flat 10 but it never did

  6. I averaged 188 in league last year. Every since I got the Pro Motion I’ve been bowling nothing but 680 or better in league. Mine is drilled pin down and gives me plenty of room to miss. It holds when I miss inside but comes of the dry hard when I miss outside. Love this ball!

  7. This ball is definitely not for everyone that’s for sure but on crispy backends or flat patterns this ball is really good.

  8. Hi Ron,

    I have only been bowling for 6 months. My average has gone from 79, to 98, to 113, 126, and now I seem stuck around 130-139. I bought most of my balls from a thrift store. They are very old ones:
    1) 16lb (dark green) Hammer Fab. I believe its urethane.
    2) 15lb (golden) Hammer Black Widow.
    3) 15lb (blue/green/yellow) Ebonite Mission X.

    And I bought new:
    1) 15lb (black/gold) Ebonite Destiny. A low level hybrid.
    2) 15lb Brunswick T-Zone. A lowest level urethane.
    The two new ones are the only ones that I truly know what they are.

    I have been watching and learning from your videos and am a subscriber. I am very excited because I have learned to hook a few of my balls, but believe I am limited. I realize that I don’t have a a full complementary arsenal and want to build it up and include ones that allow mid range hook and ones that allow deeper hook. I also understand the need for balls at each level for no to low oil, intermediate oil, and mid to heavy oil levels. I have a 6 bagger, two 2 baggers, and one single balls bag.
    Can you help me and send me, by email or text, your suggestions for building my arsenal?
    I could be wrong, but I believe it’s time to get rid of my older balls. What do you think? Should I hold on to them? Or will the newer one cover what they do?

    Pastor Maurice

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