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Today we take a look at the 1500 grit polished finish, which is a come finish from Storm on their shiny equipment. You can do this process easily at home!

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20 Comments on “Storm RotoGrip 900 Global Polished Bowling Balls | How to Repeat a 1500 Grit Polished Finish.”

  1. yo this is great is there a list of how to get specific surfaces using your pads? like 1500 from storm or 5500 from motiv or 2000 from hammer. or the procedure on how to get those?

    1. By hand using CTD products it’s TruCut 3000 pad, P5000d pad then TruCut polish.
      The TruCut P5000d pad cuts to 4000 by hand and 5000 with a spinner. The “d” at the end stands for dual purpose.

  2. The Title says how to repeat a 1500 Grit Finish. He showed us a 5000 Grit finish. I think someone miss the boat here. Big difference between a 1500 and 5000 finish especially

    1. If you watched the entire video you would see where SPI 1500 grit polished scans at 5500 which was shown how to repeat. If you want outside verification Storm’s resurface guide shows 4000 Abralon then Storm Step 2 compound. Any shop with a surface scanner can also verify the new ball surface scan.

  3. This video answered my question about using the 3000 and 5000D pad to get the 1500 grit. I have a Storm ball that came 1500 grit polished but, the alley where i bowl, the ball got stuck in the back of the machine. When i got it back it, the bowling ball was scuffed up pretty bad but no deep cuts or gashes or anything like that. I just need the shine and tackiness back so, i’ll use the 3000 and 5000D trucut pads, along with the TruCut Polish. Thanks for the video!

  4. Well I guess you’ve been reading my mind. I have a phase 3 that is a 1500 and was going by storms formula from a PDF, and since I use your products I was wondering if there was a better way. This leaves me with another question, how would you do this for a zen master since it does not have polish, but you want to bring it back to 3000 factory finish?

    1. Also, would these replace recommended Storm procedures, and if not, at what point do we use 3000/polish and when do we use Storms recommended?

    2. Check out our blog section on the website look for the blog called understanding sanded bowling balls

  5. Hey Ron, great video. I’ve been trying to get my Storm and Motiv balls (Marvel Pearl, Phaze 3, Venom Shock Pearl and Primal Rage 5yrs) balls back to their factory finish for years and have been unsuccessful. I’m hoping you can help me. I have a 1/2 speed ball spinner. I believe you’re using the slowest speed on your two speed spinner, which I believe to be 1/3 speed. Does the 1/2 speed spinner make a difference? If so, what do you recommend for the steps? Thanks

    1. I think his spinner is more powerful than 1/2 hp. But anyway, more speed on the spinner just means you need less time to get to your target.

  6. So the ctd finish guide shows to use 2000 then 3000 then polish for factory 1500 grit polish. I’m confused. Also I’ve seen factory finishes that are not on the guide. Is it possible to update?

    1. You can use 2000 first. If the ball is already polished like in the video going to 3000 is enough to get the polish off.

  7. So on a ball spinner for having storm 1500 polish, it would be 3000 and polish. I was doing it wrong, I was doing 3000 plus 5000 and then polish 🤦‍♂️

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