1. That’s awesome Kyle!! No better feeling then giving back to the youth!! Heal up my guy!

  2. Kyle thank you for this. My heart needed to see her smile and joy today. Keep doing what you’re doing man and tell her keep pushing. She’s definitely going places!

  3. She’s a very strong bowler. Good ball recovery when it seems like the ball gets away from her. She definitely has a ton of talent. Go Danielle!

    1. The game has really changed since I was a youth bowler in the 90’s. If you had a trip 2-10 you would have been boo’d out of the house. Personally I love it, strike by any means necessary.

  4. Sorry to hear about the injury, Kyle, I hope that your healing goes well and that you’re back as strong as ever.

  5. Its so good to see you guys really giving back. Our youth is the future thanks guys

  6. Kyle, she’s going to be the one giving you lessons at some point. Great video, this is what it’s all about, spreading positive vibes.

  7. That is why I love Brad and Kyle!! Always giving back to the bowling community. Keep up the good work guys!

  8. That’s was so cool to do that for her! She has tons of talent and her smile is priceless! Good luck moving forward and hope you heal quickly Kyle. 👍

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