Tape techniques for beginners for your bowling ball | How to improve the feel of your ball

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22 Comments on “Tape techniques for beginners for your bowling ball | How to improve the feel of your ball”

  1. Idk why but I need putting it upside down this whole time. Only recently i tried the round side up just to see if it would work better and I seen you doing that in your live
    Stream. It’s the little things you don’t think about

  2. Curious. Would make a video on finger tape techniques? I’ve been trying different things but haven’t been able to find 1 that suits best.

  3. JR it’s like you were reading my mind. I literally was just looking for a video on taping.
    Love the insider tips from the pros.

  4. I actually use tape and have had tons of issues with either dropping the ball or my thumb hanging up in the ball and I never knew this. This helped a ton! Thanks very much!

  5. This is awesome, I’ve tried tape a bit, but knowing the specific techniques, spacing, etc is super helpful.

  6. As a newbee, this is very interesting. Great video. And, I appreciate the fact that you don’t use any background music. Makes it so easy to listen to. Thanks

  7. I see you are using textured tape to align with the back of your thumb. Do you ever need to use the slick black tape to really get out of the ball ? Also, I see you using tape on the top of your thumb, do you use textured/slick black tape there as well ? If so, why would you use it in one position over the other and then both ?

  8. I have a question. When putting tape in the back of the thumbhole, do you also have to do the tiered taping method just like the front or no?

  9. JR, where do you find those folding knives that you are using to apply the tape? I have searched Amazon but no results. It has the perfect thin blade for getting down in the thumb hole. Thanks!

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