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35 Comments on “Targeting Adjustments for Bowling. Easy Tip to Achieve Higher Scores.”

  1. Awesome idea I always wondered why sometimes my ball would go further even when I would crank it. I typically look all the way down the lane at my break point.

  2. This is a great tip, I am 71 years old and been bowling for 40 years. I find that look close to file line I hook more down the lane I hook less 👍

  3. Somethings In tournaments i target the reflection of pins 📌 on the lane late in blocks .Have you ever done this ? Have a great New Year.

  4. Thank you for all the tips, instructions, and motivation you have provided the bowling community. Have a happy New Year!

  5. Great tips, Shannon. I have done a little bit of everything since I picked bowling back up in April 2019. I’ve looked at the pins, I’ve looked at the dots, I’ve looked at the arrows, and I’ve looked past the dots, and for me, what works the best is looking at the arrows. If the lanes are breaking down, I have to move left one or two boards, usually using the same arrow as my target, maybe moving my eyes one or two boards depending on how many other bowlers use a similar path. One of my goals for 2021 is developing more confidence in where I am supposed to look.

  6. Another tool to add to my toolbox, once I can practice again.
    Thanks, once again, Shannon and Inside Bowling!

  7. Looked like you increased and decreased your ball speed based on where you look. Wish is normal from anyone I’ve helped. The farther down lane you look the more a person tends to naturally throw the ball harder. Same with lofting a ball to fight the fronts getting dry. I try to look at where the ball needs to land instead of trying to lift toward my target

  8. I’ve done this for a while… I however go the oppiset way, when I want to throw with less hook I look closer and when I wanna throw a big boy ball I’ll look further down

  9. I remember watching an instructional video by the great Earl Anthony and he said he used that same technique to change his break point on the lane.
    Look in closer to get his ball hooking sooner, or look further down the lane to delay the break.
    I have used this technique for years and it works great…!!!

  10. I really enjoy the videos. Thank you. I’ve heard about this to before before, but have never employed it. I’ve been hesitant because I don’t roll my ball straight down the boards.  If I am looking 2 ft beyond the arrows, how much further to the right must I also be looking to keep my ball on the same path.  And just the opposite if I’m moving my eyes two feet closer to me.

    1. Thanks for watching! When adjusting the distance of your eyes, the goal is to keep the target the same because if you change the target to keep the line the same, it will defeat the purpose of making the adjustment.

    2. @InsideBowling Thank you for the reply. However, I am still a bit confused. I didn’t think the tip was for making a left or right adjustment, but to get your ball to hook sooner or later. If you use the same board for targeting, but moving your eyes further down the lane, you will be inside your original line.

  11. Interesting..like Wes Malott..ive always looked about at the foul line when I throw it..I noticed when trying to look at the arrows, my ball didn’t hook nearly as much..I thought it was just me not being able to hook it

  12. Ничего не понял но очень интересно

  13. I could never figure out why my ball would hook too soon. I look shorter (set of dots right after the foul line) and I struggle with foot placement. I will try looking at the arrows next time and see how this tip works. Thanks

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