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  1. All I care is to get the ball to the spot/exit point down lane, how to attack the heads is another thing. Tell us how you deal when transition happens when the heads gets sprayed all over with high revs players. Do you play more to the left of their line? Thanks

  2. Not every bowling alley will have the dots on the lane before the arrows so keep this in mind when coming up with a system that works for you!

  3. I’m usually staring at the foul line at what board i want to lay the ball down on. Its not the best but it keeps my eyes on my lane and not possibly losing focus and seeing something on the next lane or two to distract me. I’ve wanted to look more at the arrows but thats when I see other balls or people next to me and then my shot isn’t the greatest.

  4. I’m so glad that I saw this video because I was always told that I need to look down lane and when I did look down lane I wasn’t hitting my target but when I look at the first set of arrows that’s when I tend to get on target more often. I honestly thought I was doing it wrong this whole time. I’m glad I’m not the only one who looks at the arrows sometimes when I’m struggling I’ll look at the dots or I may look at that second set of arrows down lane. Thanks for not making me feel like I was doing things wrong.
    However now I want to see Brad do a front flip at the approach to see what would happen….. new challenge unlocked 😃 good luck in Vegas!!!

  5. I’ve come to realize that if I aim at the pins with eyes then that is where I tend to throw the ball. Straight down lane with no entry angle. Hard habit to break.

  6. I also look right at the foul line like Wes. I tried to look at the arrows and threw it straight into the gutter. so like you said, everyone does it their own way

  7. These are great tips. When I was bowling nationals this past weekend, I realized that I couldn’t use the same target on that pattern that I would use on a typical house shot. I had to move more left so it didn’t come up too light or over hook. I understand exactly what Brad was saying toward the end of the video about feeling lost and trying anything at that point. That’s how I felt game 1 of the team event on Saturday (and also the nerves might have gotten to me). Thanks guys for more great tips on getting better at bowling.

    1. You mean high school nationals this past weekend right? How did you end up placing for singles?

    2. @Logan Tincher it wasn’t high school, it was open championships in Las Vegas, and btw I’m 34 years old even though I look like I’m 18, lol 😂

  8. Could you do a video on tournaments? Like, how do they work? The different kinds, the terms, the process, the etiquette… all that stuff. Please and thank you 🙂

    1. ​@Brad and Kyle Great video as always!!! I found what works for me is I like to look at the Arrows during my first two steps. and then during my last 3 steps, I like to have my eyes drift down. basically like I’m looking to the floor. I’m a 2 hander by the way lol. I know guys like Simo and Jesper do this. but sometimes I do feel that I sometimes look down to early, which causes me to completely miss my target. because my eyes were not locked in on my target long enough, before I looked down!!! Just thought I would share that with y’all!!!

  9. At Brad’s next show, I wanna see a bunch of signs saying “Do a front flip, Brad!!”

  10. Helped out a lot after having a bad night of bowling, now time to put in some practice on targets and being consistent and hitting the targets. Appreciate the content I’m sure it helps all of us upcoming first time bowlers !!!!

  11. I was bowling on sport shot last night and I was really struggling so I started looking at the breakpoint. It was difficult to hit but when I did it struck. Then I hurt my knee so I moved up a whole step and took 3 really small steps and then one slide but aiming at the arrows bowling is so confusing some times 😂

  12. Good tips ! And Kyle i 100% get what you said about “everything becoming a blur near release” ! My vision has been doing that forever. Now if i manage to actually see my target until the ball passes over it….for some reason i do something jerky with my release 🙁 Any help on that ??

  13. I have found that what works best for me… I close my eyes and if I don’t hear anyone yelling “Stop! Don’t throw the ball!” then I know I’m facing the correct direction and let fly. But seriously, my biggest problem is that I have a hard time getting the ball to the right so it can hook back into the pocket (I’m a righty and throw two-handed). Too often I throw the ball a few boards too far to the left so it hooks in the wrong place. I suppose this comes down to being at the wrong angle with my body — facing forward instead of the side, which I find very hard to do — and also, very important, keep your elbow in!!!! Even though I know to do this, sometimes my arm has other ideas which often results in a gutter ball. I top 200 frequently but I could easily be a 200+ player consistently if I could just get my act together and get the ball to the right and turn my body (I think this is referred to as opening my shoulders).

  14. My preferred way is to use three points which is my laydown point where the ball will drop at when I finish my slide then target arrow where the ball will pass through and follow the ball to the breakpoint where I want the ball to go. I call this point ABC system and has worked for me. Sometimes I mix and match between theses three points depending how the lane wants me to operate on a given specific day and pattern.

  15. I haven’t bowled in 4 and a half years but I’ve got 45 years of experience. I visualize an imaginary line between the arrows and my lay down point at the foul line while focusing on the foul line. Honestly I don’t even know why or when I started doing that but I developed a good feel for it.

  16. I’m actually getting back into bowling after 15 years of being inactive. I live in Vegas, maybe I’ll check out this tournament. Could be fun 🙂

  17. Tried multiple methods over the years. Now I set my pushaway looking down lane then it’s right to the dots at my feet.

  18. Personally, I look at the Dots behind the arrows, but I’ve been having accuracy issues. Dunno if it’s a release issue, or a balance issue, or whatever. But I need to fix it before Jr Gold 😭😭😭😭

  19. I use arrows and the dots to line up on for my first ball and sometimes on spares. When I use the marks my eyes stay on the mark and I see if my ball hits the mark. If I miss the mark I know where it was and can hopefully adjust. I have found that I look down lane at the pins on spares, so I am all over the place. When I look down lane I will imagine a line from the point of release to the place I want the ball to hit. Thanks for the content you provide, really enjoy the channel.

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