23 Comments on “Team USA Tryouts and HUGE PBA NEWS!!”

    1. Bowling needs huge business to sponsor for huge tournaments winnings. No money in bowling only the top make decent money. So many people don’t even bowl the tour because you can make more money in the real world.

  1. I will always “trash-talk” with my fellow bowlers no matter what brand they’re with, buuuttt will also support and encourage them to bring their best always!

  2. Hey I love Kyle but am just wondering why recently I only see Kyle in “Brad and Kyle” videos? Seems like I’ve seen Brad bowling recently so he’s not super injured or anything. How come we see so little of him in Brad and Kyle videos now?

    1. Kyle just came back. For a while he went MiA and it was only Brad in Kyle and Brad videos. They take breaks, it happens.

  3. Found this channel a year or so ago, maybe longer. At the time ive been out of bowling for several years. This channel brought the itch back and I just got done with the first half of winter league and I’m sitting with a 214 average, and enjoying bowling more than ever. Got to thank you for this channel, absolutely love it and don’t miss an episode. Good luck with the upcoming season.

  4. I already follow Darren of course but my new favorite is Sarah Klassen , she’s just so darned cute and a future star.

  5. I’m fairly happy to not be on any staff. Sure it would be nice, however getting to throw different companies and build mixed bags is a whole different animal.

    That being said. I’ve had 0/5 Brunswick, Radical, DV8 Balls that I actually liked and haven’t thrown any Motiv yet.

    I build my arsenal around roto grip balls (only had 1 ball I didn’t like from roto grip) and sprinkle in all the others as I feel.

    Currently my 9 Ball tournament arsenal is

    Roto Grip RST-X1
    Roto Grip Nuclear Cell
    Storm Torrent
    Roto Grip Hustle PBR
    Hammer Web Tour Hybrid
    Storm Axiom (Short Pin)
    Roto Grip Hustle Pink (international Hustle Ink)
    Hammer Purple Hammer
    Some random plastic spare ball

  6. Interesting to hear about the many pro bowler changes for Sponsors/Brands. It really demonstrates how difficult it is to make money in Pro Bowling.

  7. Been watching a long time now and you guys know I appreciate the hell out of what you do, absolutely love ya. As a long time fan it would be super sweet to get more personal vids, just hanging out at the lanes bowling, special guests, challenges, etc. I know you guys are super busy so I just thought id throw it out there from a viewer perspective. Much love and best of luck in all you do it 2022.

  8. I got a Great Video idea, I think will bring in big views! What does Transition looks like? Put down some colorful oil on the lane, show what the lanes look like after a few games, and you can actually see the transition looks like! Like with urethane and reactive balls

  9. Get to start off my school day tomorrow by bowling! Our school has a bowling class and it has given me a love for bowling. Im so thankful for this channel bc they dont actually teach us how to bowl haha

  10. Feel like they completely forgot about EJ when talking about Motiv. Pretty sure he remains the face of that brand, no disrespect intended to AA, but EJ definitely a higher billing than him at this point.

  11. So glad you’re staying with Brad and kyle… I know you must’ve had just so many offers to go elsewhere and stuff

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