22 Comments on “Testing Jason Belmonte’s New Bowling Ball”

  1. Trend2 … your spot on with the Asym messing with you. Trend looked good and wanted to do what you were trying to do.

  2. I liked the shape of the trend 2 better once you moved left. Early congrats on 100k happy for you guys!

  3. I liked the look of Trend 2. You can always change the cover for other uses on length and oil conditions.

  4. Dark code looked like it blended the pattern more and the trend 2 was way more sensitive to your hand position. Both have their place in a bag. It just depends on the shape you want to fill.

  5. I liked the trend 2 better personally. Have you tried the axiom pearl on this pattern ? Think it might be a good option as well

    1. My pet cockatoo makes the same chirping sound and it drives me crazy. And his shoe squeak gave me PTSD. Thanks Kyle!

  6. Like the trend a lot, great pin Action, looked like you changed different arrows and the ball kept up with you. Great great action

  7. Kyle I have watched you since you started the channel. YOU LOOK DEADLY RIGHT NOW, unbeatable. Your form makes me want to quit bowling and donate my equipment to salvation army. TITLES KYLE. TITLES

  8. Phaze 2 looked the best. Dark code blended the pattern more than the trend 2. Trend 2 seemed more sensitive to speed control and hand position

  9. Trend 2, it seems more natural and effortless in your hands than the Dark Code (on that pattern though, I’m sure it’s great elsewhere),

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