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18 Comments on “The 4 Types Bowling Ball Motion Explained”

  1. I’m a little confused on the “Traction” motion.

    On your website you list the urethane balls as “Straight.”
    But original low grit urethane balls have the classic “Hook Set” reaction.
    They do not go straight if played on the correct surface in the way they were meant to be used.
    A strong urethane ball will hook very early and then roll all the way to the pins.
    This allows great control and power.
    A urethane ball could then be said to best represent the “Traction” motion shape you show on your website.

    By comparison a reactive ball will get very far down the lane before it moves to the pocket.
    On your website you list the Guru Supreme as a Traction ball.
    I have this ball as well as some classic urethane balls.
    The urethane balls still roll much earlier than the Guru Supreme which will get much further down the lane before it starts rolling.
    On one occasion I was using my Karma Urethane bowling ball and Guru Supreme on the same lane at the same time.
    The Guru Supreme and the Karma Urethane have the same exact high flare layout and I hand finished both at 500 grit dull.
    The Karma would roll halfway down the lane, but the Guru would get 3/4s down the lane before it rolled.

    I think a dull urethane best embodies the “Traction” shape on your website.

    1. Current Urethane bowling balls are higher grit balls making them straight. Balls made in the 1980’s could be classified at traction but given the amount of volume on the lanes today they would migrate to straight at some point

  2. A couple of the older & newer balls are not on the list (of course), but whats the best way to determine what the ball motion of a ball is supposed to be (out of the box). Thanks to the info that you provided in this video, it helped me lay out drill patterns that accommodate the ball’s design. But with the newer balls coming out (Turmoil, Continuum, etc), its hard to tell if they are angular, continuous, or traction. I’ve found that some big name hooking balls (Cash, Absolute, Kingpin, Sure Lock, Crux, etc.) are only traction. So with balls omitted from the list, I’m confused on how to decipher the new stuff.

    1. Pastor JT Thornton We do update the list on bowlingforless.com If you can’t find a ball you can always email us at help@ctdbowling.com and we will get you the information you need.

    2. ok. Thanks. I was looking at some of the ball spec charts as well and couldnt find the ball motion aspect on most of them or they had some other motion listed besides one of the four. Like the Mastermind Scholar’s breakpoint shape was listed as angular:


      but the DV8 Turmoil Solid shape was called Controllable.


  3. Of the first three ball motions, which is best suited for a bowler with a ball speed of approximately 13 mph and about 225 revs on the ball. (Female)

    1. Ronald Hickland Jr What if she only carry two balls. Which of the three would be best. She’s not carrying three balls…..lol

    2. @michael ayler if I was only going to use one ball it would be a IQ Tour it’s continuous and versatile.

    3. Ronald Hickland Jr sorry, I’m not looking for ball recommendations, the two she has are fine. Just wondering what you would recommend as the type of surface, If you only have a two ball arsenal and a spare ball. One of three motion would compliment a bowler style.?! We both roll Seismic balls. Family discount


    4. @michael ayler gotcha so 2000 grit is where I would start. It’s in the middle of the range and is the most popular of the grits. That will tell you if you need to go lower and more aggressive or higher grit and less aggressive.

  4. I currently bowl on wood lanes at my local house, was going to do a tournament. I have a #16-hustle, #15-dare devil trick, Columbia vow, and an old red hammer. I am wondering if I sand the red hammer and dare devil trick to 500 if it will work good on a synthetic lane?

    1. It would depend on a lot of factors. The best advice would be to try it and see. You can always adjust it back

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