The 4 Types of Bowling Ball Motion and What They Look Like

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9 Comments on “The 4 Types of Bowling Ball Motion and What They Look Like”

  1. Just recently got all 4 ball motions in my bag. Feels good to know I can match up to almost any lane conditions.

  2. There’s a fifth ball motion you forget to talk about.thats where the ball go’s straight or almost straight down lane then hooks

    1. @shutsquad no not really angular they throw the ball from way outside and it goes down to about 40-45 ft then it hooks real hard. Throwing the ball with the boards straight down the boards and then hooking the
      5 – 15 boards with the grain of the boards is a completely different ball motion .Ask Walter Ray or storming Norman Duke . They will tell you the same thing

  3. How about explaining when you would need or want to use each type of motion . just a little more of information for those that might not understand other than where they hook and when to go to that type of motion .

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