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As an exclusive to the staff of Creating the Difference. We did a 45 minute livestream discussing the best bowling balls of 2020. For the video, we discussed the bowling balls that we reviewed for TruBall Reviews. You can get any of these balls on You can join our Staff on for more special content.

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23 Comments on “The BEST Bowling Balls of 2020 – Creating the Difference – TruBall Reviews”

  1. My best bowling ball of 2020 is the roto grip infinite theory from 2011. Learn to bowl with what you got

    1. My best bowling ball of 2020 is Storm HyRoad Pearl that I bought a couple of months ago. Had 3 260 games the past 2 weeks alone LOL!

  2. It’s really hard to take your “rankings” seriously when you leave out 900Global completely from your lists and reviews…..

    1. @TraumaER
      It’s red and silverish, if that’s a word…. lol it’s 70/30 …. 70 percent urethane and 30 percent reactive…. I just got a Tank Blitz by Motiv tomorrow will be the first time I throw it , I have the Badger Infused, purple urethane and the Fever Pitch, I’m hoping I can open the lanes up with the Tank Blitz being left-handed and in between a stroker and a tweener……. I have a Parker Bohn style…. I want a urethane look but reactive backend and I get that with the Badger Infused but I put a strong layout on the Tank Blitz so I’m hoping I get a better backend reaction then the Badger, then be able to ball down to the Badger when the fronts open up….. Good luck first one but you should be able to review it on YT …… 💪🏿

    2. @Terrance Smith urethane balls don’t work well for me on my regular league condition. Bowled a 290 last year with a Pitch Black but it’s mostly 10 pin city with it. I saw a video finally of the Badger Infused. Looks like weak plastic going down the lane. Might be good for those that play hard and straight. I bowl more like Wes Malott / Pete Weber and hook a lot more boards so I use reactive and pearl reactive mainly in leagues now.

  3. Nice work, next year in your final rankings put together YOUR 6 ball arsenal from your list of top for the year…Again nice job!

  4. I use motiv so top for high revs slower ball speed, I have to go with the fatal and the desert tank as top 1 interchangeably. Then jackal flash. Thrown axiom pearl and that’s one smooth ball. Was looking to get an idol synergy as well. So far top 4 list with what you guys have up there

  5. Best ball I’ve thrown in 20 years and most versatile hands down is the incognito I have 18 games on that ball and through 18 im averaging 242 with it

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