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  1. Didn’t get to watch much of qualifying at work, but whenever I got an opportunity, I watched as much as I could, and of course I could easily find Brad, lol. It seemed like whenever I saw Brad throw a shot, it was usually a strike, lol πŸ˜„

    1. @Nick Lang I was so happy the day he won because I wasn’t sure if he was back hut he won, on my birthday too.

  2. Evening boys looks early as hell there, were i am its 11:16pm in the night, hope everything goes well today for you and bradley aka “The Bald Eagle” frigging miller and try and work out these bloody tough lanes, LETS GO!!!

    1. Me neither. I’ve seen Kyle loft it a lot. But with today’s crazy patterns, to be a successful pro, I’m guessing you have to be able to play every shot, from left gutter cap to right gutter cap, just to be able to compete.

  3. It makes perfect sense for them to ban cameras at an event that needs as much social media exposure as humanly possible….

    1. Facts. Cuz I thought people only bowled for fun on weekends as an excuse to drink. I remember learning as a kid. Went recently and I want to take it to the next level.

    2. It’s honestly unbelievable the US Open would do that. Social Media is probably the best way to engage with fans and potential fans of the sport. Doing something like this only continues to hurt it.

    3. If even one out of ten bowlers is a vlogger then it will slow down a whole day of play for everyone. They are already bowling ALL DAY.

    4. @IRON-PANDA Old fudd nonsense. There’s plenty of ways around that. Bowling, like golf, needs to shed its vestigial attitudes and get with the times [as much as I hate that term..when it’s as blatantly obvious as it is for bowling, it’s applicable.]

  4. Brad, do you feel that you have an advantage crossing with Bill O’Neill vs Pete Weber who is crossing with Simonsen? Seems like crossing with a high rev guy would make things more difficult.

  5. Brad: 18th place +89, Kyle 67th place -26. Cut line at 36th place is +43. Tournament leader +210, averaging 226.

    1. @Stomping Peak this pattern is crazy flat it isnt house. Bet these guys go to your typical house shot they average 260-265

    2. @ItsDolphinn yeah cause that’s what house is designed for. To hear these people tell it everything is cheating and easy 24/7.

  6. Those 2 handers in Belmo and Troup seem locked πŸ”’ in!! Simo looked good as well Keep grinding!!
    It’s OK to get 2nd and a PHAT check and Let Belmo win πŸ† without his gold shoes!! Great Job Brad with UC2!! Could Brad climb the Frankie ladder πŸͺœ with that UC2 only time will tell!! Everyone get a UC3 is phenomenal!!

  7. If I could afford it, Id pay you guys to come to Phoenix for a few days and help me with consistency.. I have a great throw and body frame, but I mess up my release and ball speed.. I just bought a Specter yesterday and I’m going to bowl it today.. We’ll see how I do.. I have never owned a brand new ball so this should be an experience.

    Good Luck with the rest of the Open.. Ill keep watching..

  8. Patterns are tough man…everyone seems to be grinding hard to get it nailed down for consistency… and then once they think they have it bam… I see Brad’s strategy there towards the end…a little loft out there into the lane to preserve a little energy or ?

  9. I see a lot of “youtubers” doing an EDC (every day carry) or a “whats in your bag” vlog. I’m curious… what’s in your backpack that you take around while bowling???? also, would love to hear about surfaces on your equipment and what kind of moves you made during the blocks.

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