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24 Comments on “The Best Release Drills. Achieve the Perfect Bowling Release.”

  1. I use an Eileen’s Bowling Buddies balk. It is a little bigger than a softball. The major difference is that it has two holes in it for your fingers. It is a great tool for doing your drills.

  2. I’ve heard that the method with the football is good, but like you Shannon, I also have small hands, so a softball would probably be recommended for me. Sometimes I struggle with getting my thumb out before my fingers to hook the ball, and it’s something I’ve been working on since bowling centers in my area opened back in the summer.

  3. Good “At Home” drill as well for those not able or comfortable to get to the bowling alleys. When using the football, I have my students put the ends of the football out to the left and right for starting position and then work the points to the front and back for the release. For the softball, I have put a single strip of tape around it for a visual aid. I carry some weighted Danskin balls in my coaching bag too.

    1. You should feel some friction but still be able to insert them into the proper depth. If you are receiving any cuts on your fingers that is a good indicator they are not the proper size. It’s always important to link up with a trained professional in a pro shop to get the correct fit!

  4. Great video, my girlfriend and I just got into league bowling and do this toss game all the time! Two main problems we had getting into a league for the first time were building our bodies up for league bowling after the lockdowns and getting the release right consistently. This game helps a lot with the release. Really appreciate all the advice videos, I use your visualization technique before each shot. It really works! Our averages have both gone up 30-40 pins this season before they locked us down again.

  5. If I released my ball like that I would be in the 4-7 pocket all night. I’m a senior citizen and don’t have the ball speed to release a ball like that.

  6. It would be nice to practice, but our bowling alleys here in California haven’t been open except for alleys at tribal casinos.

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