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32 Comments on “The Bowling Ball Polisher Machine: What does it do to a performance reactive bowling ball?”

  1. How about not trying to curve the ball. And throw it as in and out release. Yes, down the 8 or 10 board with that kind of finish.

  2. There were a few factors in the inconsistency on the ball, right? Polish wearing off, not wiping the ball on each throw – and the bowler himself ( nice throwing form by the way ).
    And possibly one more – is polish being left on the lane? Or is it coming off in the return?

  3. Please do a full game blind test comparing an approved polish vs the polishing machine on the same ball.
    BTW, I agree with you, the polishing machine is not appropriate for reactives.

  4. funny how a pro shop operator out here will tell the bowlers just to throw the ball in that machine cause he is too lazy to do it for the customer and they still think the machine is worth it.

  5. I do agree that these Marco are not for a reactive surface, this video is not really showing what you wanted it to. That third throw, the one he got wide right with came back pretty damn good for having a “coating”on it. Usually you get that far right and it’s not moving much. Simple way to take care of it, get rid of the ancient machine!

  6. Hey Ron, I’m also a left handed bowler. I have a Pitch Black  that hooks way early. Should I get my pro shop to put polish on it?

  7. Interesting didn’t know so what’s the best way to clean my reative bowling balls and how often

    1. You should clean your Bowling Balls every shot with a BFP and before and after bowling with That Wow Factor Ball Cleaner.

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr so what about with the so fresh n so clean should I use that before n after as well?

  8. I had one of those machines grind my bowling ball up when I was a kid. I got a new ball for xmas and had it for about 2 weeks and put it in there and when it came out it had ground the lettering from my name and the design off of it and everything. It was 1988 and it was plastic but I was 10 yrs old and I was so upset about it and the bowling alley offered to have the pro shop work on it for me but wouldn’t replace the ball. I haven’t used one of those since then.

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