20 Comments on “The Calm Before the Storm (Almost Show Day)”

  1. Shout out from Albuquerque. We’re having a PBA Watch Party today at our local bowling alley. Going to be SICK!!! Good luck you two. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Hope you both bowl well today. And have fun guys! You’ve worked hard and earned the right to talk trash on tv. May the best man win!

  3. Going to be an amazing show! Good luck to both of you! You guys got me into bowling in a way more serious matter thanks! Go get it Brad we need a Miller grabbing them PBA titles from one Miller to another!!

  4. You both should be helping eachother line up. Sure you want to win, but best chance is to work together because you can only have one of you advance. The best bowler for the day wins regardless but moving forward of the first match…. is where it will matter

  5. Good Luck Boys, been watching you religiously on You Tube for a few months now, and trying to absorb the knowledge you both have. Going to be amazing watching you against each other. One of you needs to go get this title. May the best man win.

  6. i’m so jealous that you get all those balls on the truck. I have the same ball for over 40 years . Good luck to you both hopefully 1 of you will win.

  7. Too many looking for the magic ball reaction and repeatability seems like a forgotten skill. Good luck to both of you. I see a ladder climbing in your future.

  8. Going to be a great show. Bowl well, but have fun with it. You both have worked really hard to get here, but had fun doing it. Good luck!

  9. LET’S GO! Can’t wait to watch tonight. No offense Kyle, but I’m pulling for my boi Brad. Either way, I hope one of you two win the region and make it to the final show!

  10. We are having a watch party at our home bowling center for y’all… Which you also be at because it’s here at Bowlero Euless! Looking forward to seeing y’all bowl person in person today!! Good luck to both of y’all!

  11. Good luck guys! No matter who wins, you two made the show! Have a feeling it won’t be the last time either!

  12. My heart says “Go Brad”, but after seeing all that intense karate Kyle pulled at the end I’m just torn on who to root for lol. Here’s to a close match and the winner making the big show and taking it all the way to the top!

  13. Straight from Southern California! My lady and I will be watching and supporting you guys. Good luck to both of you and enjoy the moment. Thank you guys for the great content you guys put out 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  14. Lol Kyle “I can sleep when I’m dead” love it being a former college bowler, bowled with Sherman/lindenwood at some tournaments in the same field as him, which is awesome to see Kyle pro now, I feel that to my core bro🤣🤣 bowler life will leave you zombied 🧟

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