20 Comments on “The Claw: Creating a New Bowling Trend”

  1. I don’t think the pinky finger is going to agree but we’ll see! 300 with the eagle claw

    1. Well, he’s not going to be dragged to jail for it, so of course it’s legal. Is it against the bowling rules? Maybe.

    2. Any finger hole in the bowling ball needs to be occupied according to USBC. So yes, this ball would be legal to use in competition

  2. a few years ago I drilled a ball with 5 holes. It felt really good. However it Never worked for me bc i couldnt get my fingers out of the ball quick enough.

  3. Whenever y’all get the video of this out, please include the Toy Story reference “the claw” cause you have it right her or edit the clip in🙏🏻 Or come up with y’all own way with a parody

  4. We got a guy that legit bowls like this in league. All his balls are drilled like this. He’s actually pretty good.

  5. Pretend like nobody’s ever heard of bowling… that actually seems like how it should be done haha

  6. 2000’ at Collier lanes in Oxford I was introduced to Doug Swords. I’d say he was 60+ at the time and he used every finger just like this.
    Some years later a guy named Joe Okros did the same thing. Doug was pretty good like 220 at the time. Joe was more like 180

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